Mobile Legends Mega Diamonds Event in April 2021: How Does it Work


The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mega Diamonds event is making a comeback, offering up to 300,000 diamonds for lucky players. Players can participate by purchasing entry tickets worth ten diamonds for the raffle draw in the event menu. After purchasing their raffle entry for the ML Mega Diamond Event, players will have to input a 5-digit number and submit their entry before the announcement phase starts. The lucky players who guessed all the winning numbers would receive the grand prize of 300,000 diamonds. If you are wondering how the Mobile Legends Mega Diamonds Event works in April 2021, here are more details.

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MLBB Mega Diamonds Event in April 2021: Details

The Mobile Legends Mega Diamonds Event boasts a grand prize of 300,000 diamonds players can guess all five numbers in the raffle draw. The event will last until April 26, 2021. Players can spend ten diamonds to get a Rare Skin Fragment and a raffle ticket to choose a 5-digit combination between 0 to 49.

How does it work

Each round of the event lasts for one day and will have three phases each round:

  • Purchase – players can purchase up to 2 raffle entries.
  • Announcement – Winning Numbers are drawn via in-game livestream.
  • Settlement – The rewards are distributed to each winner.

In addition to the raffle entries and the skin fragments, players will also obtain an extra point. After getting two extra points, players can exchange them for one free raffle entry that can be used for the current and future iterations of the Mega Diamonds Event.

The announcement phase lasts from 22:00 to 24:00 (PHT) during the event. Players cannot purchase or set their number combinations during this period. Winners will be announced via in-game live stream and rewards will be sent via in-game mail.

MLBB Mega Diamonds Event Rewards

Players will receive rewards depending on who many numbers they guessed correctly.

  • First Prize (300,000 Diamonds) – 5 matches
  • Second Prize (12,500 Diamonds) – 4 matches
  • Third Prize (1,250 Diamonds) – 3 matches
  • Fourth Prize (100 Diamonds) – 2 matches
  • Fifth Prize (10 Crystal of Aurora) – 1 match

If no one wins the first prize in a round, the prize will be accumulated in the next round. This will continue until someone wins the first prize.

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That’s how the Mobile Legends Mega Diamonds Event in April 2021 works.

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