Jamppi Reveals How He Feels About Returning to CS:GO After the Valve Unban


Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen was one of the most promising Finnish CS:GO players, who unfortunately suffered a rough encounter with Valve. The 19-year-old had filed a lawsuit against them due to an alleged unfair VAC ban, but the final decision of the court apparently did not go in his favour. This resulted in Jamppi stepping down from CS:GO on 27 Jan 2021, as he was permanently banned from Valve-sponsored tournaments at the time. But the recent VAC ban policy update from Valve has turned things around for many Counter-Strike players including Jamppi, who is no longer banned from the Majors and the RMR events. While celebrating this news, the Finnish player went on to reveal how he felt about returning to CS:GO and his future plans.

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Is Jamppi thinking about returning to CS:GO?

On the day Valve had introduced changes to its Valve policy regarding the VAC ban, Jamppi had celebrated on social media stating that he was “Officially….Unbanned”. This was immediately followed by CS:GO players, talents, and users coming forward to congratulate him while asking if he would be returning back to competitive CS:GO or not.

At that moment Jamppi had not responded to any of these questions but on his 16 April 2021 Twitch stream, he came forward to address this heavily asked question along with his plans for the future. The Finn stated that,

“So you know everyone is asking will I come back to CS. You know I can’t just leave like that, I’m not even going to think about it for at least a week as we have LAN qualifiers coming up. I am not thinking about anything, my future or anything else, because you know I want to win the LAN qualifiers (VALORANT Masters: Reykjavík) and everything. So you know I just want everyone to know that I extremely happy to be unbanned.”

This clears the air that Jamppi has no intention of coming back to competitive Counter-Strike at the moment. He is committed to doing his best in Valorant and is currently focused on qualifying for VALORANT Masters: Reykjavík along with Team Liquid.

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Jamppi talks about his future plans

While talking about his future, Jamppi did not leave out the possibility of an eventual return to CS:GO. Though he did not say it out loud, the hint given by him was enough.

“You know my main goal right now is to get to Iceland. But you know I cannot predict the future, what happens in the future.”

Jamppi went on to reveal that he does not have any offers from CS:GO at the moment, but if he switched back there could definitely be a few. The Finn has been away from Counter-Strike for a few months now, dedicating all his time to improve in Valorant, it will be interesting to see what decision he decides to do in the future.

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