Tarik Talks About Why he Left Evil Geniuses CS:GO Roster and Future Plans


Popular North American rifler Tarik “tarik” Celik who recently stepped down from Evil Geniuses active CS:GO roster came forward to reveal the reason behind him taking this decision. The 25-year-old entry fragger stated that he was unhappy because EG was not able to “meet expectations of a world-class Counter-Strike team”. Tarik went on to highlight the fact that he was not playing well individually and on top of all this, “the team didn’t agree with my views,” due to which he “lost faith” in the project. Just a week back tarik had faced heavy criticism from the CS:GO community, following a failed lurk play that had resulted in EG losing to ex-Winstrike in the semifinals of Snow Sweet Snow – Season 3, which might have impacted his recent decision.

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Tarik reveals why he left Evil Geniuses

Following his departure from Evil Geniuses, Tarik came forward and revealed why he had taken a decision to bench himself. The talented rifler spoke to the point and highlighted all the main reasons that had forced him to reach this verdict.

“Our results as a team have been lackluster and led to the decision of me benching myself. By no means do I think I was playing well throughout the hardships but I believe that even with our new lineup that underlying issues had still existed. Ultimately, I had a different approach to our issues however the team didn’t agree with my views. I respect their decision but came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t be a part of a project which I had lost faith in.”

Losing faith in a project that you are a part of is a big enough reason to reconsider and take a step back. The part about Tarik not performing well individually stands true, as his performance through 2020 was very average and it only became worse since the year started.

His overall HLTV rating fell from 1.05 in 2020 to 0.93 in 2021, this is a clear indication that tarik was not finding his rhythm. Unfortunately, things only became worse because the team did not agree with his views on how to solve these issues.

Above all this tarik recently received a lot of flak from the CS:GO community due to a failed lurk play where he had the upper hand and an opportunity to secure 2-3 kills for his side, but he whiffed his shots at the last possible second that ultimately led to EG losing the match. This certainly added more pressure, while tarik was going through the points mentioned above, resulting in him taking a step back from competitive Counter-Strike.

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Tarik talks about his future plans

Tarik further went on to talk about his future plans stating that he will be reflecting on how he could have done things better from his side, but “more than anything focus on getting back into form”. Till the time he properly figures out his next steps and gets back into form, tarik has decided to focus on streaming and make some content.

“Thanks to anyone who has supported me on this crazy journey. Been through a lot but I’m forever grateful for everyone’s support and couldn’t have done any of this without you all. Let’s see what’s next on the road for us.”

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