MPL PH Season 7: Execration Kelra Makes Vlog After Beating Nexplay Esports


After a heated match between Execration and Nexplay Esports during the first day of MPL PH Season 7 Week 3, which resulted in Execration securing a win with a score of 2-1 against Nexplay, Kelra expressed his disappointment with Renejay’s performance through a vlog. In the vlog, he expressed how easy it was to farm in his lane if he is fighting against Renejay. Kelra was vital to Execration’s success during their match against Nexplay due to his impressive Khaleed on game three, which took control of the entire game. Here are more details regarding the two rivals in MPL PH.

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MPL PH Season 7: Kelra Expresses Disappointment On Renejay After Execration Win

The promising rookie Duane “Kelra” Pillas went all out as Execration took down the fan-favorite Nexplay Esports with a score of 2-1 in their first encounter at MPL PH Season 7 on April 15, 2021.

The first two games were fairly evenly matched, with Execration winning the first game and Nexplay grabbing the second game victory. However, the match became much more intense during game three as Kelra keeps his eyes on Nexplay’s Gold Laner Renejay. Kelra’s Khaleed dominated the third game with a KDA of 9/2/7, contrast to Renejay’s 3/4/5 KDA as Lunox.

MPL Kelra Makes VlogExecration’s Kelra dominated the third game against Nexplay Esports.

After their well-deserved victory, Kelra posted a vlog titled “Ez game of my life” expressing his disappointment with Renejay’s performance in the match. The prodigy expressed that he is stressed due to how weak Renejay has become.

“I thought you were supposed to crush me on MPL? You’re such an idiot. Every time I play against you, it’s a free farm on the lane,” said Renejay on his vlog.

Kerala then ended his vlog, saying that he hoped Renejay would be stronger in their next match.

The Kelra and Renejay Rivalry

The rivalry stretches far back from the early days of MPL PH, where Kelra encountered Renejay in a ranked match. Kelra claimed that Renejay taunted him with recall spamming during their match, which he believed, was uncalled for. This encounter has been one of Kelra’s motivations to succeed in the Mobile Legends esports scene and kept him going.

In an episode of MPL Philipines’ Rise of Legends, Kelra stated that he would exact revenge on Renejay once he makes it to the professional league. And his goal came to fruition as they dominated Nexplay during their first match in the MPL PH Season 7 Week 3.

This won’t be the last time Execration will face off against Nexplay Esports. Their next match will be a match worth watching as Kelra and Renejay will have another rematch and prove who is indeed the best at what they do.

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