Wild Rift Jhin Build: Abilities, Items, and Runes


Jhin is one strongest marksman in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Each of his basic attacks hits hard and the fourth shot is guaranteed critical damage. However, he suffers from a severe handicap of reloading after four basic attacks and a fixed attack speed. Despite the handicap, Jhin is still a viable marksman and has been on top of the meta despite the constant nerfs he had been getting. If you’re looking for a Wild Rift Jhin Build Guide, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is our Wild Rift Jhin build and guide on how to play him efficiently in Wild Rift.

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Pros and Cons of Jhin in Wild Rift

Jhin lacks mobility as a marksman. He seldom relies on his teammates to keep an eye out for him when he enters a team fight. However, his lack of escape mechanics makes up for his insane basic attack damage. With the right item, Jhin only needs less than four shots to kill an enemy. But keep in mind that Jhin is a champion with a very high skill ceiling. You’d have to be aware of the map all the time and position yourself properly as slight mistakes can easily put you in a bad situation due to Jhin’s lack of mobility.

Wild Rift Jhin Build: Abilities, Items, and Runes Jhin Champion Overview

If you prefer a champion that can stick to the meta despite its constant change, then Jhin is the right champion for you.

What are Jhin’s Abilities?

Jhin’s abilities are a bit complex but here is a summary of all of his abilities in LoL WR.

Passive: Whisper

Jhin’s gun can only shoot four times before needing to reload, the fourth shot is guaranteed to deal critical damage with bonus execute damage. When Jhin deals critical damage, he gains bonus movement speed for 2 seconds.

Jhin can only fire at a fixed rate and can’t be influenced by attack speed items. The attack speed that Jhin gains will be converted to attack damage.

1st Skill: Dancing Grenade

Launches a bouncing grenade that deals damage to up to 4 nearby targets. The grenade gains damage if it successfully kills a target. This is the best poke skill for Jhin. You can bully enemies using this skill while staying at a safer distance.

The best part is if it kills a minion or another champion before bouncing off to another target, its damage increases making it a nice way to clear lanes or catch enemies by surprise.

2nd Skill: Deadly Flourish

Fires a long-range shot that stops at the first champion hit dealing damage along with damaging minions and monsters along the way. If a champion hit is recently been damaged by Jhin or his allies within the last 4 seconds, the enemy is rooted and Jhin gains bonus movement speed.

Always use this after damaging an enemy champion to make use of the root effect. The damage is a bit lackluster but the root debuff is very useful.

3rd Skill: Captive Audience

Places an invisible trap that explodes when enemy champions walk over it dealing magic damage and slowing them. If Jhin kills an enemy, a trap will spawn and detonate where they were killed.

This is the perfect combo for your 2nd skill. When enemies steps on your traps, you can hit them with your 2nd skill and root them.

Ultimate Skill: Curtain Call

Jhin channels to fire four powerful shots at extreme range in a cone. The bullets fired during the ultimate skill will stop at the first champion hit dealing damage and slowing them. The damage is increased by 3% for each 1% of the enemy’s health missing. The fourth shot is a critical hit dealing 200% damage.

Jhin can’t move during his channeling, so always make sure you are at the right angle and you are safe before casting this skill. You only get four shots, make it count.

Wild Rift Jhin: Best Build

Wild Rift Jhin Build: Abilities, Items, and Runes Jhin Build Summary

Infinity Edge

Infinity edge is a staple item for marksman. This item allows him to deal increased damage on top of his critical damage from his passive’s fourth shot.

Gluttonous Greaves with Quicksilver Enchant

Jhin specializes in burst damage. He can benefit from the lifesteal provided by the boots while also staying safe after being hit by Crowd Control effects with the Quicksilver enchant. With the amount of damage Jhin deals, you will notice your health rising with every shot.

Static Shiv

This amplifies the critical rate even further, allowing Jhin to deal critical damage consistently and gain bonus movement speed, a very important buff due to Jhin’s lack of mobility and escape mechanic. The attack speed bonus will also be converted to bonus attack damage which is a good deal.

Phantom Dancer

This item is mainly to help you survive after being ambushed. The item gives you a temporary shield if your HP goes down below 35%. The crit rate bonus is also beneficial to make your critical strikes more consistent.

Youmuu’s Ghostblade

Another mobility item for Jhin. Moving around stacks momentum allowing you to move faster up to 100 stacks equivalent to 50 bonus movement speed. Attacking will consume the stack to gain bonus attack speed which will be converted to attack damage for Jhin.

Guardian Angel

Jhin’s best friend. Despite the item nerf, it is still a decent late-game item for every marksman. This item revives Jhin when he dies in the battle, allowing him a second chance to fight back. Don’t get too confident, the revive effect has a very long cooldown of 210 seconds or 3 minutes and 50 seconds.

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Wild Rift Jhin: Best Runes

Fleet Footwork

Moving and basic attacking will grant energize stacks, up to 100. At full stacks, the next basic attack will heal the champion and gain 20% bonus movement speed. Basically, more mobility item for Jhin, allowing him to position himself swiftly.


Gain 7 AD and 2% armor penetration. Jhin relies on raw damage for his basic attacks, this is perfect for him.


Every 3 seconds, Jhin can regenerate 2% of his missing health or mane based on which is lower. Perfect for staying in lane longer without having to recall back to save time.

Manaflow Band

Hitting a champion with an ability permanently increases maximum mana by 30, up to 300 mana. Jhin needs mana to spam his skills during laning phase. This rune will be enough coupled with the Regeneration rune.

Wild Rift Jhin Build: Abilities, Items, and Runes Best Item Build for Jhin

Wild Rift Jhin: Best Summoner Spells

You only need these two spells for Jhin.


This allows you to close the gap between escaping champions or escape from them when you’re in a bad position. Flash is the most important spell for every champion. Almost every game, you will need this spell.


This will help Jhin survive his lane. Jhin excels by farming as fast as he can so you need to stay in lane as much as possible and keep farming for your core items. Heal will keep Jhin healthy when he needs quick healing while the honey fruits are still on cooldown.

That is all you need to know about Jhin, a slow but powerful marksman in LoL WR. Keep in mind that Jhin is not very mobile, so you need to practice proper positioning in order to maximize his capabilities without having to die from enemy assassins. Hopefully, this Wild Rift Jhin Build Guide can help you master this marksman champion in the game.

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