Valorant Silvanus Bundle Leaked: Skin Details, Expected Price, Preview


Valorant’s Silvanus bundle was just leaked and after the success of the recent Magepunk and Infantry bundles, fans are already waiting for information on upcoming skins. After some classic designs being added via the Infantry collection, Valorant’s Silvanus bundle is going back to the usual futuristic design that most of the game’s skins are known for. However, not fans are happy with the new Valorant Silvanus Bundle with some players talking about how it is too similar to the Winter Wonderland bundle we received not too long ago. Here is a quick look at the bundle so you can decide for yourself if you want to grab it or not.

Valorant Silvanus Skin Bundle Bundle Information

The cosmetics included in the Valorant Skin Bundle include:

  • Silvanus Stinger
  • Silvanus Sheriff
  • Silvanus Phantom
  • Silvanus Vandal
  • Silvanus Operator

It is one of the only times that both the Phantom and Vandal received skins in the same bundle. The topic of Phantom vs Vandal is taken very seriously within the community and the conversations can sometimes be very divisive. Fans are happy with the inclusion of both the popular weapons in the Valorant Silvanus Bundle.

Valorant Silvanus Skin Bundle Pricing

The pricing of the bundle is estimated to be similar to the Magepunk bundle with the individual skins being priced at 1,775 VP each. Since there is no melee weapon reported in the bundle, the overall bundle cost should be cheaper than Magepunk. There is no official pricing information available just yet so fans will have to wait until the official announcement to know the accurate prices.

Valorant Silvanus Skin Bundle Release Date

There is no official release date just yet but it is expected to drop after Act 2 ends on April 20th, 2021. Riot games has not officially announced the Valorant Silvanus skin bundle yet so players will need to wait for all the relevant pricing information and availability details.

Will Valorant Silvanus Bundle Skins Be Available in the Night Market?

New skins are not immediately available in the Night Market and you will have to wait a while until the Silvanus skins can be randomly discounted. Waiting for a Night Market discount is not a great idea if you want to purchase skins as the randomness is too high and you cannot reliably get the skins you want from the discounted cosmetics store.

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