PUBG Mobile Godzilla vs Kong Event Teased on Beta Servers


Players will soon experience the highly-anticipated PUBG Mobile Godzilla vs Kong collaboration event as part of the upcoming Season 19 content. As the PUBG Mobile 1.4 Beta Testing starts to roll out, the beta testers have begun posting previews of what players can expect in the upcoming PUBG Mobile Godzilla vs Kong collaboration event. The event adds a new challenge to the players as various monsters found in the movie have started infesting the Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik map. In the PUBG Mobile Godzilla vs Kong, players will not only fight against other players, but they would also need to worry about monsters appearing on the map as they try to secure a chicken dinner.

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PUBG Mobile Godzilla vs Kong: Gameplay Reveal

Gameplay previews of the PUBG Mobile Godzilla vs Kong collaboration have been posted by various beta testers of the game. In a video posted by Mustache Dave Gaming, while waiting for the match to start in the lobby, Players can see Kong smashing the area. At the same time, Godzilla can also be seen firing his Atomic Breath in the sky before submerging back in the ocean.

PUBG Mobile Godzilla vs Kong TeaserGodzilla firing his Atomic Breath.

According to the beta tester, the maps have different themes. Erangel map will have a Godzilla theme, Sanhok map will have a Kong theme, and the Livik map will have a Mecha Godzilla theme. These creatures will show up later in the match and wreak havoc on their respective maps. When the match starts, players will drop on the battlefield normally. However, there will be smaller monsters waiting for them around the map, one example is the Skull Crawlers from the movie. Players will have to be very careful as they scavenge for loots in buildings. These monsters usually have high HP which means you’d have to decide if you want to fight these monsters or run away to save ammo.

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Keep in mind that the event is still in Beta Phase and does not represent the official upcoming content of the game. The PUBG Mobile Godzilla vs Kong collaboration event is expected to arrive on the regular servers when Season 19 kicks off. Players will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates.

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