Apex Legends Low Profile and Fortified: Hitboxes Explained


Apex Legends’ Low Profile and Fortified are HP adjustments that are present for some characters to balance the hitboxes. Respawn Entertainment implements Apex Legends’ Low Profile and Fortified for Legends have larger than usual hitboxes or if they are much smaller compared to the average Legend. Both traits have been implemented for some Legends and we have had various balance changes over the seasons. While Fortified gives you an advantage, Low Profile makes you more vulnerable at the cost of a smaller hitbox. Here is a quick explanation of hitboxes are and what Apex Legends’ Low Profile and Fortified passives really mean.

Apex Legends Low Profile and Fortified Damage Numbers

Apex Legends’ Low Profile and Fortified traits affect how much damage you take when playing certain characters. Since the game has a diverse cast of characters with wildly varying hitboxes, the game balances the bigger characters by reducing incoming damage while smaller characters take increased damage. Here are some numbers breaking down both passives:

Low Profile

Wraith and Wattson Apex LegendsCharacters who have Low Profile take 5% increased damage form all sources. The three Legends who currently have the Low Profile trait include:

  • Wattson
  • Wraith
  • Lifeline

These characters are much harder to hit which is why Respawn Entertainment imposed a damage penalty. The developers also had to tweak Wraith’s “Naruto run” animations at the cost of disappointing a lot of fans. Respawn has considered removing the passive completely but it is likely that the developers will make adjustment to the smaller characters’ hitboxes before doing that.


Characters which have Fortified take 15% reduced damage and they are also not slowed by bullets. The trait can make a big difference when dueling as Fortified Legends are harder to kill. Here are the Legends that have Fortified:

  • Caustic
  • Gibraltar

Both Gibraltar and Caustic are significantly larger than the other cast members and the reduced damage has helped them be very powerful in addition to both characters having powerful kits. Apex Legends’ Low Profile and Fortified are debated on quite often and Respawn is planning to remove Low Profile completely.

However, it remains to be seen if Fortified is a trait the developers want keep in the game or do away with it and make hitbox changes for larger characters. Revent’s hitbox is also one of the largest in the game but he does not have access to Fortified currently. The developers may consider adding the trait to his kit in the future to help balance him for ranked and competitive play.

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