Sentinels Confirms That TenZ Will Stay “Through the End” of VCT Challengers Finals


Sentinels just confirmed that TenZ will continue to play for the team for the foreseeable future. The Cloud9 player will be competing under the Sentinels banner until the end of the Valorant Champions Tour Challengers finals. TenZ joined in as a stand-in player for Jay “sinatraa” Won and has settled down quite well with Sentinels. Despite taking a break from his competitive career prior to joining Sentinels, he has been one of the most impactful players on the roster. He helped Sentinels beat FaZe Clan at the NA Masters One event and the organization is one of the strongest contenders to take home the Valorant Champions title at the year-long VCT event.

Will TenZ Leave Cloud9?

Even though Cloud9 player stepped down from the organizations’ Valorant roster earlier this year, he is still a partnered content creator under C9. Sentinels or Cloud9 have not shared any details about a permanent deal. TenZ is currently part of Sentinels as part of an extended loan deal.

It also remains to be seen how Jay “Sinatraa” Won’s ongoing investigation will affect both Won and TenZ’s position in Sentinels. Sinatraa is facing investigations by Riot Games and Sentinels following sexual assault allegations by his ex-girlfriend. If the benched player’s name is cleared, Sentinels will have to choose between reinstating Sinatraa to the starting five or letting TenZ be on the active roster until the end of the VCT Challengers Finals.

Rumours Surrounding Tenz’s Extended Loan Deal

Last week, there were reports of TenZ’s buyout being discussed by Cloud9 and Sentinels. According to journalist Tyler Erzberger Cloud9 set Tenz’ buyout at approximately $2 million ahead of the VCT Stage 2 qualifiers. Daily Esports revealed that the figure could now be set at $5 million but the rumours were soon squashed by Cloud9 CEO Jack Etienne. The Cloud9 CEO revealed that the buyout figure was rubbish. It is unknown what the extended loan deal was valued at.

TenZ’s Impact on Sentinels So Far

TenZ was originally playing for Cloud9 in 2020. The pro player was regarded as the best Valorant player at the time and is still arguably worthy of the title. He had the highest combat score in all Ignition series tournaments he participated in and has been an all-star performer. Unfortunately, he could not win Valorant First Strike with Cloud 9 despite impressive individual statistics. In January 2021, he decided to step down from professional Valorant and focus on streaming and content creation instead. Following the controversy surrounding Sentinels’ Sinatraa, he returned to competitive Valorant and is currently set to compete with the team till the Valorant Challengers Finals.

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