[Watch] 1000 IQ ‘A-Site’ Flash on Mirage Excellent For Post Plant Situation


It is always incredibly helpful to know a few handy utility lineups that can quickly get you out of a sticky situation in CS:GO. But an even better solution is to know a secret utility execute that is seldom used or something that you may have discovered yourself. The majority of the players do not possess a knack to spend hours in CS:GO figuring out good lineups, for those guys ‘u/seevonblood’ has a whole bunch of amazing tips and tricks. The most recent one being a 1000 IQ flash grenade lineup, perfect for a post plan execute on ‘A-Site’ of Mirage.

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Brilliant post-plant flash lineup for ‘A-Site’ Mirage

Mirage is one of the most played CS:GO maps when it comes to the casual userbase, so to come up with something new on the map is highly appreciated by the Counter-Strike community. This is because a player would really have to spend hours and grind a lot in order to find something new on the map, that has been played so many times over and over again.

This particular flash execute on ‘A-Site’ Mirage has been shared by ‘u/seevonblood’, who is well known in the CS:GO community for coming up with brilliant utility lineups across multiple CS:GO maps. This is a post-plant flash execute for situations when a user decides to plant anywhere around the inner side of ‘Triple Stack’ or ‘Hot Box’.

From the clip above one can see that, following a plant the player can simply wait for the enemy to approach and from the safety of the ‘Hot Box’ area, through a small gap between the wall and the box chuck a flash which blinds players at 3 important positions: ‘CT Stairs’, ‘Jungle’, and ‘E Stairs’.

This simple flash execute can make all the difference in a clutch situation, but do remember that at the end of the day this is a situational trick and it is bound to fail if a player forces it out of position. You need to be well aware of the enemy positions and always have a backup lineup u[ your sleeves as well, so that you can always rely on an alternate if the primary executes fail.

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