TNC Predator Are Your Dota 2 Predator League 2020/21 – APAC Champions


TNC Predator has vanquished OB.Neon in the all-Filipino grand finals battle in the Asia Pacific Predator League 2020/21 – APAC. With this victory, Gabbi and his teammates have crowned themselves as the Dota 2 Predator League champions for the second time in a row. While OB.Neon had come into the finals as the favorites courtesy of their undefeated run in the tournament, TNC Predator didn’t put a step wrong and brought their A-game to secure a convincing 2-0 win. While TNC takes home the lion’s share of $50,000 USD, Neon wins $25,000. BOOM Esports, who finished third, also win a sum of $10,000

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TNC Predator vs OB.Neon Grand Finals – Match Highlights and Recap

The final day in the Asia Pacific Predator League 2020/21 – APAC Dota 2 league kickstarted with BOOM Esports losing to TNC Predator in the lower bracket BO1 finals. The stage was then set for TNC and OB.Neon as the former sought revenge for the semifinal loss.

Game 1 witnessed TNC draft an Io carry for Gabbi although the hero received considerable nerfs in patch 7.29. However, Gabbi showed that the hero is still potent enough to carry the game as he ended with a KDA of 7-0-13. While the game had been equally poised for the first 20 minutes, a couple of lost fights for OB.Neon put their enemies on the driver’s seat. Armel was spectacular on Invoker as well as his team grabbed the win in 36 minutes.

Game 2 was an even bigger thrash by TNC as they ran over the side of OB.Neon. Complemented by their supports, Armel and Gabbi played like madmen on Bristleback and Queen of Pain as they ended the game in just 29 minutes with a combined KDA of 28-3-20.

Maybe the teams are in the process of figuring out the new patch but still, TNC should be proud of this win, considering that they’ve figured out their playstyle just a short while after they made their roster shuffles. On the other hand, OB.Neon would take this loss in their stride and now aim towards the bigger prize – the SEA 2021 DPC Season 2. They still look like one of the best teams going into the tournament, considering their recent performance at the Singapore Major. So it will not be a surprise if they manage to top the table.

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Neither of the two teams has matches scheduled in the first week of the regional league and will only be seen in action from April 21, 2021.

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