NEO Competes at Exeedme’s Blockchain Tournament Featuring a Hybrid Prize Pool


Cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry are trying to foray into esports with the Exeedme Blockchain CS:GO Tournament being one of the first to adopt a hybrid prize formula for CS:GO Esports. Filip “neo” Kubski is competing in the event as part of the GamerHash squad. In a conversation with AFK Gaming, neo shared his thoughts about this tournament and why he is taking part in this tournament. The organizers of the event allowed each team to include one pro player in each roster and GamerHash did not hesitate to include ‘neo’, who is one of the most respected veterans in the CS:GO esports scene.

Exeedme Blockchain CS:GO Tournament Overview

GamerHash Tournament

The event kicked off on April 9 and the finals are set to take place today at 9 PM GMT. Filip “neo” Kubski will be captaining the GamerHash squad at the event. GamerHash is partnering with Exceedme to host the event. Neo told AFK Gaming, “GamerHash accepted this tournament invite because they recently got listed in the Korean cryptocurrency market as GamerCoin. It’s a huge deal for everyone, we were really happy that it happened. The tournament is just a nice thing that popped up, and we could take part in it. I am just happy that I can be helping these guys out with the game.”

There are three other teams who will be competing at this tournament. One of them is PolkaOkr, which is famous for an open-source protocol built for every user, which they allege to be the future of the evolution in blockchain technology. Another participant is a BEPRO, a team, building code for the decentralized future of gaming, DeFi, prediction markets providing technology and support for blockchain-based applications. DuckDAO – is the last team on the list that will compete for the main prize. The company is positioned as a decentralized incubator that helps start-ups to grow in the Blockchain and Crypto world.

Exeedme Blockchain CS:GO Tournament Prize Pool

  • 1000 Virtual Dollars (USDT) equivalent to $1000 USD.
  • 5 NFTs
  • EXEs Token Basket

The winner of this competition will get 1000 virtual dollars that are 1:1 correspondent to “traditional” paper dollars. Also, players will get 5 NFT’s (non-fungible token) that might be worth around a couple of thousand dollars each and are inalienable confirmation of tournament participation. Exeedme also adds EXEs Token Basket into the pool prize. If GamerHash wins, it will donate twice the amount of the winnings to charity.

Prizes during the competition will be delivered by Theta Token, whose worth of virtual token’s values are way over 10 billion dollars. Also, the broadcast of this tournament will be held on, which is a modern streaming platform built into Theta’s ecosystem.

Where to Watch:

The tournament is already underway with GamerHash and DuckDAO making it to the Grand Finals. The Grand Finals will be broadcast on at 9PM GMT tonight (April 11).

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