Galaxy Racer Announces New PUBG Mobile Roster Featuring Maxkash and Owais


UAE-based organization Galaxy Racer just announced its new PUBG mobile roster that features Roxx, Ultron, MJ, Owais, and MaxKash. The new roster features players from Fnatic’s former PUBG Mobile roster and Team Celtz. Despite PUBG Mobile being banned in India, esports organizations and fans are heavily invested in the scene and are awaiting its re-release. Galaxy Racer and TSM Entity will reportedly compete in the upcoming PMPL: Arabia next month but no official confirmation has been made from either organization yet. The new Galaxy Racer PUBG Mobile roster looks very strong with Owais being one of the most successful IGLs in the esport.

Galaxy Racer PUBG Mobile Roster Overview

GXRImage Credit: Galaxy Racer

The new Galaxy Racer PUBG Mobile roster features Roxx, Ultron, and MJ from Team Celtz which won the PMPL: South Asia Season 1 Finals. Owais and MaxKash are from Fnatic’s PUBG Mobile roster which was released last month. These players were unable to compete in official PUBG Mobile tournaments after the Indian government banned the app in September 2020.

Here is the full PUBG mobile roster from Galaxy Racer:

  • Owais- Mohammed Owais Lakhani
  • Ultron- Hemanth Sethi
  • Roxx- Yogesh Yadav
  • Maxkash- Akash Anandani
  • MJ- Harshit Mahajan

Roxx, Ultron and MJ were part of Team Celtz, an organization that won PMPL: South Asia Season 1. Owais has in-game leadership experience in PUBG Mobile esports. He kickstarted his career by winning PMIS 2019 and PMCO Spring Split 2019 when he was part of Team Soul. He Joined Fnatic in 2019 and secured a win at the year’s PMAIS event. He secured the second spot at PMIS 2020 along with MaxKash, who is also now a part of Galaxy Racer’s PUBG Mobile roster.

With PUBG Mobile currently banned in India, the Galaxy Racer PUBG Mobile roster will reportedly compete in international events. Gemwire revealed that TSM Entity and Galaxy Racer will be participating in the upcoming PMPL Arabia S1. PMPL Arabia will be played from 18th May 2021 featuring 20 teams from the Middle East and Africa region. The organizations are yet to reveal any official information on their participation at the event.

About Galaxy Racer Esports

Galaxy Racer Esports is based in UAE and it has rosters from 22 countries including India. the organization has a presence in CS:GO, Dota, PUBG Mobile, Rocket League, and other popular titles.

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