Apex Legends Season 9: Full Patch Notes and Details


Apex Legends Season 9 just a few weeks away with Season 8: Mayhem coming to a close soon after the end of the War Games event. The new season is set to bring some major changes to Legends with Horizon being the biggest talking point when the game’s balancing is brought up. Apex Legends Season 9 may also re-introduce World’s Edge, which is a fan-favourite map and the go-to map for esports. Here is a look at all the changes that are coming to Apex Legends Season 9 and what fans should expect from the upcoming season.

Apex Legends Season 9: Balance Changes

Here are all the changes that are confirmed for Apex Legends Season 9.


  • Larger health cost for using Stim
  • Lower Stim cooldown

The change will allow Octane players to Stim more frequently but it also changes his tactical to be more high-risk due to the higher health cost.


  • Changes to Passive
  • Buff to Ultimate Ability

Lifeline’s Passive ability can feel obnoxious as she can spam revives each time one of her teammates is downed. Respawn has confirmed a nerf but we do not know what the upcoming change will be. However, she is also set to receive a buff to her Ultimate Ability.


  • Bracelet Bugfixes and Buffs

Loba’s bracelet is being looked at ahead of Apex Legends Season 9 and fans can expect some major buffs to her tactical ability. It has been buggy since her release and she will finally receive some much needed changes.


  • Air strafe and Tactical nerfs

Horizon’s tactical is being looked at which is the strongest ability in her kit. They are looking to nerf her mid-air strafe speed and we may also see changes to the cooldown of her Q.


  • Unknown Buffs

Fuse is one of the weakest legends right now and he is set to receive some buffs in the upcoming update. Respawn is yet to confirm what the changes will be.

Apex Legends Season 9: Map Changes

World’s Edge is set to make a return in Apex Legends Season 9 and with it some changes are expected. TSM’s ImperialHal has requested Train Yard to be looked at along with Harvester. He feels that both of the locations need some changes and the addition of survey beacons in both of the locations is also a must. Respawn is yet to show what the new points of interest will be in the map but fans are already excited to see he return of World’s Edge. In addition to the balance changes, Apex Legends Season 9 will feature new game modes, limited-time events, cosmetics, a brand new battle pass, and more “Titanfall content.”

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