When Will COD Mobile Season 3 Start?


Call of Duty: Mobile’s second season is currently at its peak. Players are about halfway through the second season of the game. As they progress through the season, players are now starting to wonder when will COD Mobile Season 3. Based on the Season 2 Battle Pass’s end date, we can expect COD Mobile Season 3 to arrive on April 16, 2021. Similar to how every season starts, the game will undergo maintenance for a few hours and will be back with a brand new patch update, bringing a ton of new content such as new functional weapons, Battle Pass, maps, and events for the game.

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When Will COD Mobile Season 3 Start?

Activision is yet to announce the start of COD Mobile season 3. However, we can expect the new season to arrive sometime around April 16, 2021, based on when the current Battle Pass ends. This is pure speculation so take this information with a grain of salt.

With the impending arrival of the new season, the devs have given the players a few events to officially close season 2.

  • 04/09 ~ Shoot the Ship 24/7 (MP)
  • 04/09 ~ Best of Black Ops (MP)
  • 04/09 ~ Alcatraz Returns (BR)
  • 04/09 ~ Shoot The Ship Event (MP)
  • 04/09 ~ Class Act
  • 04/09 ~ Eternal Rest Draw
  • 04/12 ~ One Last Farewell Login Event

The devs stated that if the fans continue to support the Alcatraz Map by playing it, they may consider making it a permanent addition to the game.

COD Mobile Season 3 Content

Not much has been revealed about the upcoming content for COD Mobile season 3. However, Activision has revealed a few teasers on what players will be getting next season.

New Multiplayer Map: Coastal

The new map titled “Coastal” has been leaked by dataminers last month. However, there is a mysterious narrator in the official trailer. The devs hinted that the announcer is going to be a new operator coming to the game on Season 3. Can you guess who it is?

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New Weapon: PP19 Bizon

A new weapon has also been confirmed to arrive in COD Mobile season 3. The name is yet to be revealed but it’s already obvious for a lot of fans that it’s the PP19 Bizon submachine gun.

When Will COD Mobile Season 3 Start?The PP19 Bizon is expected to arrive in season 3. | Credits: Activision

The previews for the upcoming COD Mobile season 3 are looking interesting. Activision will continue to reveal upcoming content for the next season as we draw closer to the official start of the season.

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