OB.Neon vs TNC Predator in the Predator League 2021/21: Match Recap and Highlights


OB.Neon has emerged as the stronger team in the all-Filipino matchup against TNC Predator in the Asia Pacific Predator League 2020/21 – APAC. The semifinal contest between these two teams was expected to be a close and thrilling one but OB.Neon seemed to have completely outdone their counterparts with their effective Io and Death Prophet combo. Skem and his teammates now move to the Winners’ Finals of the tournament, where they will face BOOM Esports on April 9, 2021. On the other hand, TNC Predator has fallen down to the Losers’ Round 3 where they will compete against Galaxy Racer on April 8.

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OB.Neon Outshine TNC Predator in an all-Filipino battle at the Predator League

The game saw OB.Neon draft an Io carry for Natsumi- and a mid lane Death Prophet for Yopaj. This “highly-sustain duo” had successfully worked for them in the first DPC season and at the Singapore Major. Skem played an unconventional offlane hero in Tusk but that did not backfire against TNC. TNC, despite having a stable draft, was outrun by the Io-Death Prophet duo. The two heroes had a combined KDA of 23-1-26 and were just easily pushing objectives and taking down heroes. Gabbi went all-in with a Divine Rapier pick on Phantom Assassin but that failed as well as TNC lost the game in 32 minutes.

All the tournament series are single-game affairs except for the grand finals, which will be BO3. Though BO1s are not considered ideal for determining the better team, OB.Neon still looks to be a formidable side, also considering their recent performances at the ONE Esports Singapore Major.

Both these Filipino teams will either meet each other in the grand finals of the Asia Pacific Predator League 2020/21 – APAC if TNC registers a lower bracket run or in the second season of the DPC, which is set to begin on April 13, 2021.

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The Asia Pacific Predator League 2020/21 – APAC is going to last from April 6-11, 2021. The teams are competing for a total prize pool of $85,000 USD that will be split among the top three teams only.

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