TNC.Predator and Galaxy Racer Register Wins on Day 2 of the Predator League 2020/21


TNC.Predator and Galaxy Racer have notched up important wins on the second day of the Asia Pacific Predator League 2020/21 – APAC. Both TNC Predator and Galaxy Racer showcased dominating performances against PSTR and TEAM STAR to register easy 1-0 wins. All the series in the tournament are single-game affairs except for the grand finals, which will be BO3. In the teams’ next matchup, TNC will be facing OB.Neon in the semifinals which is expected to be a thrilling game. On the other hand, Galaxy Racer will play Team Mystery in the Losers’ Round 2 for survival in the tournament.

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TNC.Predator and Galaxy Racer dominate their opponents on the second day of the Predator League 2020/21

TNC Predator vs PSTR

The game proved to be an absolute stomp by TNC.Predator as they notched up a total of 57 kills. Gabbi played like a beast on a carry Elder Titan as he ended the game with a 25-0-19 KDA. With PSTR only being able to muster a total of 9 kills, they lost the game in 24 minutes.

Galaxy Racer vs TEAM STAR

In the first 10 minutes of the game, no team had a sizable lead. However, as the game progressed, Galaxy Racer made the better moves and started killing enemy targets. With a 32-9 favorable scoreline at 30 minutes, Galaxy Racer secured the victory over TEAM STAR.

Unfortunately for TEAM STAR, they now find themselves out of the Asia Pacific Predator League 2020/21 – APAC.

Here is how the bracket of the Asia Pacific Predator League 2020/21 – APAC looks after the conclusion of the second day.

Asia Pacific Predator League 2020/21 - APAC bracketsAsia Pacific Predator League 2020/21 – APAC bracket after day 2.

Image Via LiquipediaTNC Predator’s semifinal all-Filipino match against OB.Neon will be held on April 8, 2021. It will be intriguing to see if TNC’s new squad, comprising Bok and Boomy, can take down the in-form OB.Neon team.

Galaxy Racer’s matchup against Team Mystery will also be held on April 8. According to the Valve’s Majors Registration Page, Galaxy Racer had made a couple of roster changes before this tournament. Galvin “Meracle” Kang Jian Wen and Wilson “Poloson” Koh Chin Wei have been added to the roster in the position one and four roles respectively.

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The Asia Pacific Predator League 2020/21 – APAC is going to last from April 6-11, 2021. The teams are competing for a total prize pool of $85,000 USD that will be split among the top three teams only.

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