League of Legends: Wild Rift Blood Moon Skin Line Leaked


One of the most popular skin lines in League of Legends PC, Blood Moon, will soon make its way in Wild Rift, according to a leak posted by dataminer and streamer, Canserole. According to the dataminer, a skin bundle has been found in the game files containing four Blood Moon skins along with two new accessories, a recall animation, and a bauble of the same theme. These skins are for Diana, Yasuo, Kennen, Jhin, and Twisted Fate. Riot Games has yet to reveal the release date of these skins in Wild Rift. Here are more details regarding the upcoming Blood Moon skin line in Wild Rift.

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Wild Rift: What is Blood Moon?

The Blood Moon skin line is one of the most iconic skins in League of Legends. Similar to the PROJECT skin line, it has expanded to multiple champions and has its own lore and game mode.

Wild Rift: Blood Moon Skin Line LeakedThe Blood Moon Universe Artwork | Credits: Riot Games

According to the lore, the story is based on the land of Ionia, featuring cult worshipers of the Blood Moon, an ancient cult seeking irresistible power, merging their flesh with demonic spirits and becoming one with ever greater darkness.

Wild Rift: Blood Moon Skin Bundle

According to dataminer Caserole, a Blood Moon Mega Bundle is found within LoL WR’s game files containing four skins of the same theme along with a recall animation and a bauble. These skins are for Diana, Yasuo, Kennen, Jhin, and Twisted Fate.

Wild Rift: Blood Moon Skin Line LeakedThe contents of the Blood Moon Mega Bundle. | Credits: Canserole YouTube

The models shown in his video are based on the PC version of the game. Riot Games is yet to reveal this new skin line along with the release date for LoL WR.

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Granted that Riot Games has recently revealed the LoL WR exclusive skin line, Stargazer, the Wild Rift Blood Moon skin line may not arrive anytime soon. Players will have to keep their eyes peeled for an announcement in the future.

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