Wild Pass: Price, Release Date and Other Details


Riot Games recently released its first Wild Pass for League of Legends: Wild Rift. This seasonal battle pass rewards players with a ton of in-game loot such as Blue Motes, Poro coins, icons, baubles, and the grand prize, an exclusive Hexplorer Jax skin. The Wild Pass will be available from April 2 until July 1, 2021. Every ranked season will have its own version of Wild Pass along with exclusive rewards so players have a total of three months before each one disappears. Here is everything you need to know about WR’s new battle pass.

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What is Wild Pass?

Wild Pass is a new feature in League of Legends: Wild Rift that allows players to earn extra content by playing games. It works similar to battle pass features from other games, and levels up as you play the game while rewarding you with skins, currencies, icons, emotes, baubles, and other goodies along the way.

Wild Pass: Price, Release Date and Other DetailsThe Wild Pass features a ton of rewards for both free and premium versions.

Players have the option to purchase Wild Pass levels using the in-game currency of LoL WR. Each level will cost 150 Wild Cores.

Wild Pass missions explained

Players will receive eight missions every week until the current Wild Pass expires. These missions can be as simple as placing wards or getting multi-kills in a match. If players can finish all eight missions before the weekly refresh, they will receive a special mission to keep them engaged until the next batch of missions arrives. Completing these missions will reward players with experience points for the Wild Pass.

Wild Pass: Price, Release Date and Other DetailsUnfinished misssions will remain until the current Wild Pass expires.

The unfinished weekly missions will remain until the Wild Pass expires so players don’t necessarily need to rush to complete all of them within a week.

How to get Wild Pass rewards

Free Rewards

Every player gets free rewards at Wild Pass level four. Thereafter, free Wild Pass rewards are given at every five additional levels after (nine, 14, 19, etc.) up to level 49. The rest of the rewards can only be acquired upon purchasing the premium version using Wild Cores.

Premium Rewards

The premium version costs 590 Wild Cores. This will unlock all the rewards for each level including the exclusive Hexplorer Jax skin. The level cap for the Wild Pass will also be extended, adding 15 levels with even more rewards.

What is Wild Pass Elite?

LoL WR Players who want to progress faster can purchase the Elite version to instantly gain five levels upon purchase. The Wild Pass Elite costs 990 Wild Cores. However, if you already purchased the premium version, it will only cost 400 Wild Cores. Wild Pass Elite owners will also receive extra missions to help them progress much faster. The missions are still similar to the regular missions but give even more Wild Pass XP.

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The Wild Pass is designed to provide tons of valuable rewards for Wild Rift players that they can acquire at their own pace. That being said, it is still a new feature for Wild Rift. Riot Games stated that it will be making adjustments to future iterations to try and improve its value.

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