Valorant Leaked Foxtrot Map: All That We Know So Far


Valorant’s leaked Foxtrot map has been doing the rounds recently and fans are already excited to play on the new map. Unlike most other competitive games, Valorant did not launch with sufficient maps at launch with only 3 maps being available on launch day. The introduction of Valorant’s leaked Foxtrot map will really shake things up and add more maps to play on. Currently, players have access to Ascent, Icebox, Bind, Haven and Split and fans are constantly asking for new maps to be added to the game for more variety. Here is everything we know so far about Valorant’s leaked Foxtrot map including its release date.

Everything We Know About Valorant’s Leaked Foxtrot Map

Icebox was released earlier than scheduled last year which means that if Riot Games sticks to its normal release schedule, players will have to wait a long time until the new map is available to everyone. While we have released impactful patches including the more recent 2.06 balance patch recently, we are yet to get the first map of 2021. Players are expecting the map to drop when Episode 2 Act 3 kicks off later this month.

According to a prolific leaker, Valorant’s leaked map is called Foxtrot which lines up with the naming scheme of previous maps. Some members of the Valorant community figured out that “the letter F is the 6th letter in the alphabet, and F in the NATO phonetic alphabet is Foxtrot, which means that this is might just be a codename, or the new map will have some military elements in it.”

The loading screen music for the upcoming map has also been leaked and it was shared by Twitter user Valorant Express. Some players figured out that the recent Valorant: Agents of Romance April Fools’ joke may have had some clues surrounding the upcoming map. All of the promotional images for the fake game include locations that players already know of with the exception of one tropical location.

Valorant Leaked Foxtrot Map: Release Date

The expected release date for the new map is April 21st, which is when Episode 2 Act 3 kicks off. All of the information covered in the article is based on leaks and speculations and it is possible that things may change in the coming weeks. We will update the article with new information and cover the release of the new map once it is officially released for all players in a future patch.

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