Mobile Legends Bane Revamp: Improved Passive Skill and More


One of the most underrated fighter heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Bane, has recently received another revamp in the advance server of the game. This new Bane Revamp improved his character model as well as a few adjustments to his skills, mainly his passive ability – “Shark Bite”. His passive skill can now be used more frequently however it comes at the cost of lesser range and damage. Bane’s revamp is still a work in progress and might change once it arrives on the regular MLBB server. The release date for the Bane revamp is yet to be announced. Here are more details about the latest Bane Revamp in the advance server of Mobile Legends.

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Mobile Legends Bane Revamp: Details

Bane has been receiving a lot of revamps these past few months. Moonton has been looking for ways to improve heroes that haven’t been used frequently in regular ML matches. Recently, another Bane revamp has been revealed by a YouTuber named Elgin.

Bane Revamp: Character Model

According to the YouTuber, Bane received a new character model, making him much taller and more serious-looking compared to the old model.

Mobile Legends Bane Revamp: Improved Passive Skill and MoreThe new character model made Bane more serious compared to the old model.

Bane also received a new walking animation, allowing him to walk normally instead of the old limping animation.

Bane Revamp: Skill Changes

The Bane revamp also added a massive change to his passive skill. Bane now gains a stack of Tidal Energy when he casts skills. The Tidal Energy stacks will then be used to improve his basic attacks and deal extra AoE (Area of Effect) damage to enemies. However, Bane can only have two stacks at most.

Mobile Legends Bane Revamp: Improved Passive Skill and MoreBane’s passive will now stack up to two times.

This completely removes the delay in activating his passive attack and allows him to spam his AoE damage to nearby enemies as long as he can recharge his passive stacks.

To balance the effectiveness of the new passive skill, a few nerfs were made. The range of the AoE damage from the passive is now shorter.

Mobile Legends Bane Revamp: Improved Passive Skill and MoreBane’s AoE damage range from his passive is now reduced.

The damage from his passive has also been reduced from 150% – 120% Physical Attack, to 128% – 170% Physical attack.

The passive skill is no longer considered as skill damage, which makes spell vamps less viable for him. The new passive now counts as basic attack damage which means physical lifesteal can now be used on Bane.

His ultimate also received a slight change. Enemies hit by it will no longer receive an attack speed debuff. However, the slow effect that enemies can receive is increased from 50% to 65% for three seconds.

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Moonton is looking for ways to make Bane a flexible fighter-type hero in MLBB. If this revamp makes it to the regular servers, Bane might come back to the meta as one of the best fighter heroes in ML.

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