Best Locations and Loot in Apex Legends World’s Edge


Apex Legends’ Worlds Edge is considered by many to be the most balanced map for competitive play and we wouldn’t disagree. The map is not available in the game right now and it is scheduled to make a return in a future season, likely in Season 9. While third-partying is inevitable, the map is more open and you want to land in the best locations to gear up before taking up fights. Here is a look at the best landing locations and loot in Apex Legends’ World’s Edge. The map is subject to change as Respawn Entertainment loves to add new points of interest and makes changes each time the map is available in rotation.

Best Landing Spots for Loot in Apex Legends’ Worlds Edge

Here are the top five landing spots that you should consider landing in if you are playing on Apex Legends’ World’s Edge map.

1. Bloodhound’s Trials


It is the easiest way to get high tier loot, specially if it is far from the initial dropship spawn. Most players love to fight near Fragment East or Sorting Factory. Bloodhound’s trials requires you to fight waves of prowlers (dog-like creatures) and each wave you survive, you get a set of loot. The place can get chaotic if multiple squads land there, but the location is largely uncontested in most games.

2. Skyhook

There are plenty of buildings in Skyhook that you can easily loot and if you play defensive characters like Caustic or Wattson, you will be able to take on early fights quite easily on the map. Unlike Olympus which is a mostly open map, World’s Edge offers you plenty of easy to defend buildings.

3. Geyser

One of the most hotly contested areas with multiple buildings with a solid amount of loot. You also get a vault nearby and if you are lucky to snag a vault key, you will be able to grab a few golden items early in the match. The geyser itself lets you rotate and relocate quite easily, making it a solid landing location in Apex Legends’ World’s Edge.

4. Epicenter

As the name suggests, Epicenter is located around the dead center of the map. There is a lot of loot and one of the best initial drop locations. If one of your teammates lands in the tower and takes the high ground, you will be able to contest other squads quite easily. There is plenty of cover available and it is one of the easiest locations to fight in if you learn the layout of the area inside out.

5. Launch Site

Launch Site Apex Legends

It is one of the newer locations in Apex Legends’ World’s Edge which was added in the Season 6. It offers great rotation options and you will be able to contest other teams comfortably if you know how to play around launch site. Tree, Dome and Lava City are easily accessible from Launch site, allowing you to pickup loot and move towards fights or move into the next zone with ease.

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