Mobile Legends Flip Card Together Event: Win Permanent Skins and More


Moonton has just released a new web event for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang titled Flip Card Together event. This event gives players a chance to acquire trial and permanent skins like Chou “Thunderfist”, Selena “Thunder Flash”, Harith “Lightborn – Inspirer,” and many more. Players who participate in the Flip Card Together event will also get a chance to participate in a raffle and the winner will receive a limited-edition Mobile Legends Skateboard for free. If you want to get your hands on some permanent epic tier skins or the limited edition MLBB skateboard, here are more details on how you can play the Flip Card Together event in Mobile Legends.

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Mobile Legends Flip Card Together Event: Details

The Flip Card Together Event is a web-based event that rewards players with a ton of trial and permanent skins. Players who also invite inactive players will stand a chance to win a limited-edition ML-themed skateboard for free.

Flip Card Mini-game

The event is pretty straightforward. There are three rounds and three pairs of cards each round. Flip and match cards in pairs to win the round and receive rewards.

Mobile Legends Flip Card Together Event: Win Permanent Skins and MoreFlip cards and complete rounds to receive rewards.

All the players will receive only 5 free attempts by default, but they can earn more such free attempts by simply sharing the event through various social media handles or by doing various tasks. Here are all the ways on how you can earn free attempts;

  • Share the event – 2 attempts per day.
  • Watch video on April 10 – 3 attempts.
  • Invite 1 different player to log in – 2 attempts each player invite (up to 99 players).
  • Accept invites sent by other players – 1 attempt each (up to three free attempts per day).

Skateboard Raffle Event

Players can also invite new or inactive MLBB players back into the game. For each inactive player they invite, they receive one raffle entry for the Skateboard Raffle event. Keep in mind that only invited players who have been inactive for more than 30 days are counted. The lucky winner will receive a mail sooner or later and will have until May 31, 2021 to submit their address information in the in-game mail.

Mobile Legends Flip Card Together Event: Win Permanent Skins and MoreInvite new and inactive friends to get a chance to win a limited-edition MLBB skateboard.

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Event Rewards

The various event rewards that players can acquire in the Flip Card Together Event are as follows,

Possible Reward
Login Chest
Permanent or Trial Harith Lightborn – Inspirer Skin
Invite new or inactive players in the game.
Skateboard Qualification Chest
Random Hero Trial Pack
Finish First Round (Flip Card)
Permanent or Trial Bass Craze Hilda Skin
Finish Second Round (Flip Card)
Trial Hero Chou, Selena, or Brody
Permanent Hero Chou, Selena, or Brody
Finish Third Round (Flip Card)
Skateboard Qualification Chest
Permanent or Trial Selena Thunder Flash skin
Permanent or Trial Chou Thunder Fist
Match a pair of cards.
Random Skin Trial Pack

This is a good opportunity for players to acquire epic tier skins for free. If they’re lucky enough, they can even have a chance to win the limited-edition Mobile Legends skateboard for free by simply inviting new and inactive players back in the game.

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