Mobile Legends Adventure Code Chest: How to Use


Mobile Legends Adventure often gives out ‘code chests’ that can only be opened with a special code. These special codes can be acquired through the official social media handles of Mobile Legends Adventure. The ‘code chests’ often contain diamonds along with another new ‘code chest’ which can be opened at a later date. The codes provided for the chests often have an expiration date so be sure to use them before they expire. In-game resources in Mobile Legends Adventures are a bit scarce, this is why players are advised to always open their ‘code chests’ whenever possible. Here are more details on how you can open these chests and where to find the redeem codes for them.

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Mobile Legends Adventure Code Chest: Details

Code Chests are special event chests that require a specific redemption code in order for them to be opened. You can claim the ‘code chests’ through the in-game events interface. These chests last for around 1 month or until a new event arrives.

Mobile Legends Adventure Code Chest: How to UseYou can claim the chests through the events interface.

The previous chest will disappear when it expires so be sure to claim the rewards inside it before the last date.

Where to find Redemption Codes?

For your convenience, here are the official social media handles of Mobile Legends Adventure;

The social media pages often post redemption codes that players can use to open their ‘code chests’ in-game.

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How to use Mobile Legends Adventure Code Chests?

Once you acquire the redemption code from the official Mobile Legends Adventure social media handles, you can follow the instructions below to claim your rewards.

1. Access your inventory by tapping on the Bag button at the top left side of the main menu.

2. Tap on the code chest and input the redemption code. can find the code chest in your in-game bag.

Along with the rewards preview, you can also check on when it will expire and where you can find the redemption code to open it.

3. Once you input the redemption code, tap on the Use button and claim the rewards. chests can contain diamonds and other in-game loots.

Due to how scarce the in-game resources are in Mobile Legends Adventure, code chests have become one of the main sources of in-game loot for most players. If you’re hoping to get the most out of what you have in the game, be sure to open all your code chests before they expire.

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