How to Check if Apex Legends is Down


If you want to check if Apex Legends is Down, you can do so for any platform. Even though the game is widely popular, it does not stop it from suffering server issues from time to time. Since its release on Steam, the game has been suffering from a lot of issues on PC while the Origin version seems to be working better in terms of uptime. If you want to check if Apex Legends is down, there are official social media accounts that can help you check when the game will go back up. Here is a guide on how to check if Apex Legends is down on your platform.

How to Check if Apex Legends is Down: Down Detector


Down Detector is a popular website that lets you know if a game or service is available or not. You can head to the link below and check if the game is working in your region. In some cases, the game may be available for some regions and not in others. If you notice that there are many players reporting issues that are similar to yours, you will simply need to wait it out until Respawn gets around to fixing the servers.

How to Check if Apex Legends is Down: Apex Legends Twitter

There is an official Apex Legends Twitter account by EA that you can check if you see any connectivity issues when trying to get into Apex Legends. The Twitter may take a few minutes to post any instances of server outages. You can also tweet at the account, informing them about the issues you are facing.

How to Check if Apex Legends is Down: EA Help Twitter

There is also another Twitter account maintained by EA for all of its games including Apex. Unlike the official Apex Twitter handle, EA Help is designed to specifically address issues with the game including server outages. If you are facing any issues you can tweet at the account or check all tweets made by the account to stay updated on potential maintenance windows and server issues.

How to Check if Apex Legends is Down on Console

In addition to the official Twitter accounts, you also need to check if Xbox and PlayStation’s online services are available or not. Even if EA’s servers are up, the console services facing an outage will prevent you from logging into the game and playing with your friends. Here are the official links that you can check out.

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