Wild Rift To Punish Win Traders in Matchmaking


Riot Games is taking serious actions against win traders in their hit mobile MOBA game, League of Legends: Wild Rift. In higher ranks, win trading in Wild Rift is a common problem plaguing the game for quite some time. This ruins the game’s competitive essence and turning every match one-sided, always in favor of the win traders in Wild Rift. The devs posted a blog announcing that they have decided to punish those who are proven guilty of such actions and ban them permanently. Others who have lesser offense get demoted back to the lowest rank with their ranked season rewards removed from them.

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Wild Rift Punishes Win Traders

The announcement was made through the official Wild Rift social media handles. The devs stated that players with the highest win trading activity in Wild Rift would receive a permanent ban from the game. However, players with minor offenses will receive a 7-day ban. Riot Games will also remove all ranked season 1 rewards from their accounts and reset their ranks back to Iron IV. If these minor offenders are caught breaking the rules again, they will be permanently banned from the game.

The devs assured players that they would be careful about the criteria they are using to prevent innocent players from being banned unintentionally.

What is Win Trading in Wild Rift?

Win Trading in Wild Rift is the act where two or more players who are not on the same party intentionally start matchmaking together to end up in opposite teams. One of the players will then intentionally feed the enemy teams, which causes a one-sided match. This is common in high ranks, where it is easier to pull off due to the low player count.

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This is a big step for Wild Rift against abusive players who use cheats and exploits to win matches in Wild Rift. Hopefully, win trading in Wild Rift will be reduced in ranked matches, making them much more healthy and a fun experience for players.

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