Mulan Actor Shows How to Make Toxic Teemo Shrooms From Wild Rift


In celebration of the grand launch of the League of Legends: Wild Rift Americas Server, Riot Games collaborated with popular actor and YouTuber Jimmy Wong to make a real-life edible TOXIC Teemo Shrooms. Unlike the in-game counterpart, these TOXIC Teemo shrooms are edible and can be a good snack in between matches. Fans can check on how Jimmy turned the most toxic thing players can encounter in the game, into a delicious sweet snack for everyone to enjoy through Feast of Fiction, Jimmy Wong’s official YouTube channel.

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Wild Rift: Jimmy Wong Shows How to Make TOXIC Teemo Shrooms

To celebrate the Wild Rift Americas Server’s successful launch, Riot Games collaborated with a popular actor and YouTube celebrity Jimmy Wong to turn Teemo’s mushrooms into a delicious snack. The YouTuber showed his culinary skills as he gives detailed instructions on making the TOXIC Teemo shrooms from Wild Rift. These Teemo Shrooms are cream puffs with thick icing on them to mimic the most dangerous mushrooms in Wild Rift.

The YouTuber didn’t share the recipes and the measurements, only the procedures on how to make it. He might even include the recipe in the next issue of his official cookbook.

The YouTuber ended the video by saying that fans can also find him in the game under the name similar to his Twitter and Instagram page, “jfwong”.

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Who is Jimmy Wong?

Jimmy Wong is an actor and musician widely known for playing Ling in the 2020 live-action film, Mulan. He also owns a YouTube channel called Feast of Fiction, where he recreates fictional delicacies from various video games, anime, and movie titles.

Wild Rift: Mulan Actor Shows How to Make TOXIC Teemo ShroomsJimmy Wong is a talented actor with musical and culinary skills. | Credits: Disney

If you’re interested in checking out how he recreates fictional delicacies, you can visit his official YouTube channel. He also sells his cookbook where you can check all the recipes he has compiled during his YouTube career.

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