Cordite SMG in COD Mobile: All You Need to Know (Stats and Best Loadouts)


Cordite is a fully automatic SMG or submachine gun with a large ammo pool. The Cordite was introduced in COD Mobile Season 6. The SMG can be unlocked by players at level 10. Although the base damage of the Cordite is lower than other guns like RUS-79U and Chicom in its class, it has a high fire rate, good accuracy, and control which leads to low recoil. It can also take opponents out from a higher range compared to other SMGs. With the right attachments, players can make the Cordite SMG a deadly weapon to take into battle.

COD Mobile Cordite SMG Base Stats

Fire Rate

While the base damage of the Cordite SMG is lower compared to other SMGs, its high fire rate, mobility, and control make it a good choice in its class. The right attachments will increase the accuracy, range, and recoil control for the Cordite SMG. The drop in mobility can be compensated with red perks like Lightweight or Skulker, which will increase your walk or sprint speeds.

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Best COD Mobile Cordite SMG Loadout

Barrel: OWC Marksman.

Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical.

Stock: YKM Combat Stock.

Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape.

Ammunition: 90 Round Extended Mag

This Cordite attachment class setup improves the accuracy, range, magazine size, and recoil controls, but at the cost of mobility. Initially, it was possible to equip a 90-round mag on the gun, however, this was replaced by a 56 Round Extended Mag in a small patch in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9. The OWC Marksman increases ADS bullet speed, adds 35% to the damage range, and reduces both horizontal and vertical recoil. While the OWC Tactical Laser reduces ADS time and ADS bullet speed. Use a YKM Combat stock and Stippled Grip Tape to decrease ADS time and sprint-to-fire delay.

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