Global Esports Announces Doge Cup With 50,000 DogeCoins Up For Grabs


Global Esports just announced a tournament around the crypto currency – Dogecoin. DogeCoin is a meme-based cryptocurrency that has been promoted by multiple prominent personalities, including Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg. The upcoming Doge Cup event will not offer cash prizes, but it will offer cryptocurrency instead. The event seeks to engage the viewers and content creators and promote cryptocurrency awareness. The esports event will feature Valorant and Free Fire tournaments which will take place between April 3rd to April 7th. The upcoming community event will feature 12 Free Fire Teams and 8 Valorant teams invited by Global Esports. The teams will include not just esports players but also content creators. The prize pool for Doge Cup is 50,000 DogeCoins valued at INR 3,67,660 or $5,000 USD at peak value (Currently INR 1,97,714 or $2,700 USD).

Doge Cup for Free Fire and Valorant Features 50,000 DogeCoins as Prize Money

Doge CupGlobal Esports is hosting the Doge Cup “to make gaming fun again.” The organization talked about how esports and cryptocurrency are the two fastest-growing ecosystems of our generation, and “it made sense to combine both of them to do something fun and innovative.” The event seeks to bring them together and spread the word about cryptocurrency.

Global Esports revealed viewers are in for “a fun and entertaining event, we would love for you to help spread the word and come cheer for your favorite teams, athletes and creators. All proceeds from this event will go directly in funding our upcoming community tryouts & its prize pool.”

Doge Cup Prize Pool

The prize pool is 50,000 DogeCoins which is valued at INR 36,660 / $5,000 at peak value. The prize pool’s value may change depending on market conditions as we get closer to the event. Doge Cup will feature two titles in the event, which includes Valorant and Free Fire.

10% of the prize pool will be awarded to the highest melee/knife/pan kills, and there will be prizes for the Hall of Shame, which will feature epic fail plays in the event. Global Esports is also hosting fun modes during the event, like GOD-DOGE mode, for which the details will be revealed soon.

Doge Cup Schedule

The invited teams will include influencers and the top teams in the region who have a combined following of over 50 million gamers globally. 12 teams in Free Fire and 8 teams in Valorant will participate in the Doge Cup event.

  • Free Fire – April 3-4, 2021 (2:00 PM IST onwards)
  • Valorant – April 5-7, 2021 (2:00 PM IST onwards)

Where to Watch?

The event will be streamed on:



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