Team Liquid Register an Incredible Megacreeps Comeback at the Singapore Major


Team Liquid has pulled off an insane comeback at the ONE Esports Singapore Major after being down against megacreeps. The back and forth game exceeded the 60-minute mark as Team Liquid was able to eventually close it out in their favor. This comeback happened in game one of the BO2 series against Quincy Crew at the Major group stage as Team Liquid held onto their base for more than 20 minutes after conceding the megacreeps. Tommy “Taiga” Le on Enigma and Michael “miCKe” Vu on Sven were the most valuable players of the match as the former delivered some amazing blackholes while the latter chopped down enemy heroes with a Divine Rapier.

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Team Liquid wins a nail-biter against Quincy Crew at the Singapore Major

The Major group stage kickstarted on March 29, 2021, with a total of 15 series to take place through the course of the day.

Team Liquid came into the series after a rough start to their group stage campaign as they lost the initial series 2-0 to Thunder Predator and then drew 1-1 against PSG.LGD. On the other hand, Quincy Crew had drawn their series 1-1 against Vici Gaming and won against Neon Esports 2-0.

Game 1 of the Liquid vs Quincy series witnessed the former draft an old school hero combo, comprising a safe lane Sven, an offlane Enigma, and a mid-Razor. Quincy also had a stable draft with a safe lane Phantom Assassin, an offlane Nature’s Prophet, and a mid-Void Spirit. The game was equally poised at the 25-minute mark as no team could establish a sizeable net worth advantage.

Then, Quincy lost a couple of teamfights in the next 15 minutes which put them on the backfoot. However, some crucial pickoffs on the enemy heroes allowed them to take the Roshan. They threw bodies at Liquid’s base but were successful in securing the megacreeps at 42 minutes.

MiCKe was still very farmed on Sven and Quincy always had a looming threat of Taiga’s Blackhole on Enigma. Liquid played incredibly well in the next 20 minutes as they took the right fights, picked off solo heroes, and defended their base. With no answers to Taiga’s BKB and Linken Blackhole, Quincy was always the inferior team when it came to teamfights.

As a result, Liquid registered a great comeback to win the game in 64 minutes. This team has always been notorious for unnecessarily taking the games deep but has mostly been able to come back and win most of them.

Team Liquid vs Quincy Crew Game 1 Singapore Major Scoreboard of Team Liquid after the game 1 win against Quincy Crew.

Image Via DotaBuff

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Update: Quincy Crew secured the win in the second game of the BO2 Group Stage series after a scintillating Death Prophet performance from Rodrigo “Lelis” Santos.

The Singapore Major group stage will be held for two days, from March 29 to 30, 2021. Out of the eight teams competing, seven teams move ahead to the playoffs while the last-placed team will get eliminated.

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