Glorious Jinx: How to Get the Wild Rift Ranked Season 2 Reward?


The League of Legends: Wild Rift Ranked Season 2 will be arriving in a few days. The upcoming Wild Rift Ranked Season 2 reward is Glorious Jinx and can be acquired after reaching Gold rank and having played ten ranked games during the season. It’s going to be a long journey for players, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Players who are yet to obtain the Ranked Season 1 skin reward, Glorious Tryndamere, still have five more days to reach Gold Rank and acquire the skin. Here are more details regarding the Wild Rift Ranked Season 2 skin reward Glorious Jinx.

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Wild Rift Ranked Season 2 Reward: Glorious Jinx

Similar to the League of Legends PC, Wild Rift has its own ranked season skin reward. These ranked season skins are only exclusive to that season only. This means that once the ranked season is over, the skin is not likely to return.

For Wild Rift Ranked Season 2, players can obtain the Glorious Jinx skin as announced through Wild Rift’s official Patch 2.2 patch notes. The champion Jinx will also be unlocked for free if players haven’t unlocked her yet.

Glorious Jinx Wild Rift: How to Get It?The splash art for Glorious Jinx.

How to Get Glorious Jinx in Wild Rift

To acquire the Glorious Jinx skin in Wild Rift, players much play a total of 10 or more ranked games and reach Gold Rank and above. Once players meet the requirements, they will immediately acquire the Ranked Season 2 skin.

Glorious Jinx Wild Rift: How to Get It?Reach Gold Rank and above to acquire the Ranked Season skin reward.

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When Does Wild Rift Ranked Season 2 Start?

The Americas Server will start Wild Rift Ranked Season 1 on March 29, 2021, with the same reward as other server’s Ranked Season 2.

The second-ranked season in Wild Rift starts on April 3, 2021. Players who are yet to acquire the ranked season one reward Glorious Tryndamere still have a few days to reach Gold rank and obtain the skin reward.

Glorious Jinx Wild Rift: How to Get It?Glorious Tryndamere is the Ranked Season 1 reward.

Glorious Jinx is just one part of the massive new content that Patch 2.2 has added to the game. The upcoming patch update brings a ton of new features such as the Position Preference and the new game mode ARAM.

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