Bren Esports Admits that the MPL PH Teams are Catching Up With Them


Bren won zero games in the opening week after losing to Onic PH (2-1) and Nexplay Esports (2-0). Adding to their number of losses, they were taken down by former MPL titlist Aura PH on the second day of the second week. After their disappointing run against Aura PH on the second day of MPL PH Season 7 Week 2, Bren Esports coach, Francis “Duckeyyy” Glindro admitted that the local teams are definitely catching up with the World Champions. In a post-match interview, Bren Esports team captain Angelo Kyle “Phewww” Arcangel admitted that the team is getting too laid back and less serious after their recent triumph at the M2 World Championship 2021.

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Duckeyyy Admits that the MPL PH Season 7 Teams are Catching Up

During the MPL PH Season 7 Week 2 Day 2, after Bren Esports suffered their third loss under the hands of the former MPL PH Champions Aura PH. This didn’t sound great for the fans to whom the team apologized, during their post-game interview.

The coach also admitted that the local teams have definitely come a long way and are catching up to the World Champions in terms of their motivation to win. Phewww then added that the team is getting too laid back and less serious.

“For me, we need to fix our mindset and our passion. It’s because, we already achieved our highest achievement so some players are starting to get too laid back when playing,” stated the team captain.

Duckeyy, Bren Esports’ coach further added that there were a lot of errors and miscommunications going on behind the scenes which were easily avoidable. The coach added by saying he needs to change the team member’s mindsets individually.

“For me, we really apologize to the solid Bren Esports fans for our 0-3 standing,” stated the team’s coach.

However, the coach then assured the fans that this is only a minor setback for Bren Esports. Once the tide flips, it will stay in their favor for good.

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Following this interview, Bren Esports got their first win in the MPL PH Season 7 Week 2 Day 3 against Execration in an intense battle which resulted in a 2-1 score, officially ending their losing streak.

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