JerAx Talks About His Dota 2 Streaming Plans


Jesse “JerAx” Vainikka, the two time ‘The International’ (TI) champion and former OG support player, has provided details about his return to Dota 2. In a Twitch livestream on March 27, 2021, JerAx mentioned that he would be streaming a lot more Dota 2 in the coming time and would be focusing on understanding the game. He would be going into the details of various complex ideas of the game to help himself and the audience understand them in simpler ways. JerAx also played some ranked games and tested the new Dota 2 tutorial which was recently introduced by Valve.

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JerAx to stream Dota 2 and explain various concepts of the game

The former OG player stated that he had started playing Dota 2 again, a couple of weeks ago on his friend’s account. Also, as evident from his words, he plans on doing a lot more Dota 2 educational stuff in the weeks to come.

“So, my initial ideas are to focus on understanding Dota better. What that means is to go in depth on this stream, on this platform and to do my best explaining very big and complex ideas into something bite-sized and what people could also possibly feel a part of. And that is something I also wanna do for myself. It helps me understand the game better and games in general. But for now, I am going to do it for Dota.”

“What this means for the future is, I am going to be analyzing replays from the present as well as the past. I am very interested in trying to explain things, in a simplified way, just to deepen my understanding of the game.”

JerAx mentioned that he would be exploring and learning new things and one of them would be deviating from the role he usually played – support. He plans on playing a lot more core heroes to widen his knowledge of the game.

JerAx's achievements JerAx is one of the most successful players in Dota 2 history.

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He mentioned that he was inspired to embark on this streaming journey and talk in detail about games from 2 popular ‘Escape from Tarkov’ streamers, Pestily and Veritas.

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Unfortunately for JerAx’s fans, the player would be streaming alone for the time being, without any other player or organization’s involvement, which eliminates any possibility of his return to OG’s roster. Though JerAx had already communicated in a previous announcement that he was not making a competitive return to the game, his fans were still hoping that he would make a comeback to OG in some form.

The Finnish player makes a return after being away from the game for over a year, since he retired as a professional player in January 2020.

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