Team Vitality Announces Indian Call of Duty Mobile Roster Led By “MonK”


Team Vitality announced its Indian Call of Duty mobile roster which is already training in Mumbai. The organization has plans to dedicate its efforts to expand its presence in the Asian market. The roster features Arav “MonK” Narang, includes an all-Indian roster of Armaan “Moonscope” Dharni, Priyank “DEATH” Birajdar, Akshan “Argon” Madhani, Samartha Ganesh “JOKOs” Ghadge, and Samruddha “SAMS” Ghadge. Veteran COD player Harnoor “Toxy” Mutneja will be taking up coaching responsibilities while Melson “mello” Miranda will be taking up management responsibilities for Team Vitality’s Indian COD Mobile roster. The Team Vitality roster will be competing in India and abroad and it seeks to be the number one team.

Team Vitality COD Mobile Roster Overview

The new Team Vitality COD Mobile roster is part of the organization’s commitment to Indian esports. Team captain “MonK” is considered to be one of the best fraggers in Indi while Moonscope holds the distinction of being the second-best sniper in the world. He is also known as the sniping king of India. JOKOs and SAMs are known as the ‘infamous CODM twins’ who have been successful in competitive events since late-2020. LOCOs snagged over 155 kills at the LOCO India Cup. Argon and Death have also been very successful in their competitive careers in India. The full roster features:

  • Arav “MonK” Narang (IGL/Captain and Player)
  • Armaan “Moonscope” Dharni (Player)
  • Priyank “DEATH” Birajdar (Player)
  • Akshan “Argon” Madhani (Player)
  • Samartha Ganesh “JOKOs” Ghadge (Player)
  • Samruddha “SAMS” Ghadge (Player)
  • Harnoor “Toxy” Mutneja (Coach)
  • Melson “mello” Miranda (Manager)

Team Vitality’s Vision for India

CEO of Team Vitality, Nicolas Maurer shared his thoughts on the organization’s presence in India stating “Our aim in India was to start an esports team that would have its own unique identity while imbibing core Team Vitality values. We are very happy with the roster as they have the right skills, as well as potential to be no. 1 team, and eagerly look forward to making our mark in a brand-new category. While we will fully support them during every step of their progress, we’re sure tons of additional support for the team will come via our fans – from India and the world over.”

The new Indian Call of Duty Mobile team is Team Vitality’s first step towards its expansion beyond Europe. The CEO detailed how the organization was built around Call of Duty back in 2013 and the game continues to be a backbone for the organization. The organization will be launching a pan-India Talent Hunt to find new talent for more esports teams. has invested over $40 million into Team Vitality in a bid to solidify its presence in esports.

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