LunarKats Issues Statement on Why She Was Removed From TSM’s All-Female Valorant Team


LunarKats was recently removed from TSM’s all-female Valorant roster just a few days after being picked up by NA organization. Earlier today, Katherine “LunarKats” So explained the reasoning behind this decision and the circumstances surrounding the departure from TSM. Reports alleged that the reason behind this band was allegedly due to a harassment claim made against the Valorant player back in August 2020. However, according to LunarKats that was not the reason behind her departure.

LunarKats Clarifies Circumstances Leading to Her Departure from TSM

In a livestream hosted on her Twitch channel, LunarKats explained that the reason for her departure from TSM was a Snapchat rant video from 2019. According to her, the Snapchat rant video contains footage of her angrily saying some “hurtful” and “insensitive” things to fast-food workers who were allegedly rude to her. However, LunarKats took down the video within a few hours after posting the video. But someone who had a copy of this video from two years ago sent it to TSM, which lead to the team deciding to part ways with the female Valorant pro mutually.

LunarKats stated that she was ashamed of that video and that she was sorry for her actions. She also added that she had learned from this mistake and has since stopped uploading rant videos to the platform as a result.

With tears in her eyes, LunarKats stated:

“I am genuinely sorry. I don’t want that video to be a representation of who I am, because I am really not. I want to be a better person, and my stream and friends have pushed me to be a better person, and I feel really ashamed.”

The female Valorant pro also clarified that she was the one who ended the contract with TSM and added that the team was actually trying to protect her.

“Honestly, it was not TSM’s fault at all. They approached me with the video and it was a mutual decision. They really wanted to protect me from someone using this video against me. But honestly, no matter what I do, this person can hold this video over my head, so I need to address it. It’s something I did and said.”

Clarification on the situation with SoaR haleigh

LunarKats also addressed the situation with SoaR haleigh, stating that she admits that she was at fault but has since moved on. The player also confirmed that the drama between the two played no part in her departing from TSM.

TSM female Valorant roster announcementTSM announced that it dismissed its female player LunarKats just two days after signing her.

Towards the end of her explanation, LunarKats also apologized to her Valorant team, who were forced to play with a stand-in, Ariananarchist in this week’s matches in the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Game Changers North America Series 1 – Open Qualifiers. The player also stated that she will be taking a break from social media.

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