New Mobile Legends Hero Phoveus Leaked in the Advanced Server


The new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero Phoveus has been leaked in the advanced server. The hero has been in the advanced server for quite some time and has recently been updated with a character model and a much more polished skill description. The new Mobile Legends hero Phoveus is a fighter who can counter heroes with mobility like Fanny or Wanwan. Although he is a fighter hero, he can also fill the role of tank or support because of how well he can punish heroes with high mobility. Here are more details regarding the new Mobile Legends hero Phoveus.

New Mobile Legends Hero Phoveus Abilities and Skills

The 106th hero Phoveus has finally arrived in the advanced server of MLBB with a much more polished skill description and character model. The new Mobile Legends hero Phoveus is a fighter that deals magic damage. Despite being a fighter hero, he can also fill tank or support’s role due to his incredible crowd control abilities.

New Mobile Legends Hero Foveus Leaked in the Advanced ServerPhoveus counters high mobility heroes with his skills. | Credits: Kazuki Official

Passive: Deity Intuition

Every time an enemy uses any blink or dash skills near Phoveus, all of his skill cooldowns will be reduced by one second.

This is useful against very mobile heroes like Fanny, who relies on dashing around the map. Always maximize this skill by going near enemies who have a lot of mobility skills in order to spam your skills.

1st Skill: Malefic Terror

Phoveus smashes the ground and deal AoE magic damage to enemies and slowing them. If the skill hits an enemy, Phoveus gains a shield. Players can use this skill three times.

This skill is what makes Phoveus tanky. However, the shield doesn’t stack with each strike, but the shield’s duration is refreshed.

2nd Skill: Astaros Eye

Phoveus summons an oculus on the ground. Enemies who step on the oculus will be slowed by 40%. After a one-second delay, the oculus closes and pulls enemies within range to its center.

Extra Effect: The pulling of enemies is counted as a dash skill that can activate his passive or ultimate skill.

This skill is a good CC skill with a lot of potential. This skill allows you to activate your passive and reduce your skill cooldowns by one second or activate your ultimate skill to teleport to your enemies instantly.

Ultimate Skill: Deity Force

If an enemy uses a blink, dash, or charge skill within range, Phoveus can instantly teleport to the target and deal AoE magic damage.

It’s a pretty straightforward skill but a pretty useful one to chase down mobile heroes like Wanwan or Fanny. This skill requires precision as a lot of heroes may be dashing around you and may teleport you to the wrong enemy if not used properly.

The release date of the new Mobile Legends hero Phoveus is yet to be announced. The hero is still a work in progress in the advanced server of MLBB. However, once he is out, he might be able to change the meta of ML and render mobile heroes like Wanwan or Chou less reliable when playing against Phoveus.

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