Incredible Dota 2 Bug Allows Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear to Carry Rapier in Neutral Item Slot


Dota 2 bugs that are developed due to the numerous number of hero, item, and structural involvements in the game, have the potential to critically alter various in-game situations. One of the most recently discovered ones, the Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear bug, allows the bear to hold the Divine Rapier in the Neutral item slot. However, the most broken aspect of the bug is the fact that the Divine Rapier would not drop on the ground even if the bear or the hero himself die. Interestingly, this glitch not only works with Divine Rapier but with any purchasable item in the game.

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Dota 2 Bug permits Spirit Bear to carry any item in the Neutral item slot

Reddit user, u/BukanPokemon, pointed this glitch in a post stating “Divine Rapier at Bear’s Neutral Item Slot. Volvo PLS Fix !.” This is the second exploitable thing attached with Lone Druid in the past week as previously the bear could carry Neutral items in his main inventory. However, this glitch was resolved by Valve as soon as it gained public attraction.

The new Spirit Bear Neutral item slot Dota 2 bug has currently not been fixed and this is how it works. (explained with Rapier)

  1. Buy Divine Rapier and put it into the stash.
  2. Select Spirit Bear. Ensure that its Neutral item slot is empty.
  3. Manually drag the Rapier from the stash to the neutral item slot.

The item will be placed into the slot. Clicking the “GRAB ALL” option will cause the item to be placed into your normal inventory.

Spirit Bear Divine Rapier in neutral item slotSpirit Bear Divine Rapier in neutral item slot.The glitch can be exploited with any other item available in the shop including the consumable ones.
Spirit Bear with MKB Spirit Bear with Monkey King Bar in neutral item slot.This glitch is quite game-breaking as the bear not only essentially has seven-item slots but also can carry a Rapier and play aggressively without the risk of losing it. It can certainly break the late game as an Aghanim’s Scepter on Lone Druid can destroy the enemy base within seconds.

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Due to the high number of Dota 2 bugs being discovered and shared by fans on Reddit in recent times, Valve has become proactive in eliminating them as soon as possible. So, one can expect this glitch as well to get rectified in the next week.

Note: AFK Gaming does not endorse the use of bugs or exploits. Intentional usage of these exploits may get your account suspended.

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