Apex Legends Extreme Measures: Rare Skin is Available Again For The First Time Since 2019


Apex Legends’ Extreme Measures skin for Octane is one of the rarest cosmetics in the game. Since its release, the skin has been available just once, and if you were not around when it was available, you were never able to get it again. Fans have been requesting the Apex Legends Extreme Measures skin to be brought back to the Store for months and EA has finally listened to fans. Octane is one of the most meta characters in the game right now in combination with Revenant, and you should grab the Apex Legends’ Extreme Measures skin if you have the resources.

How to Get Apex Legends’ Extreme Measures Skin

Apex Legends Extreme MeasuresHead to the Store and check the bottom right section.

The Apex Legends Extreme Measures skin for Octane is a Legendary Exclusive skin, which means that you need to own ‘The Victory Lap’ skin to begin with. If you already have The Victory Lap skin for Octane, which costs 1800 Apex Coins, you need another 10500 Legend Tokens to unlock the skin.

Dismantler ApexThe store also has the Dismantler Legendary skin variant for the Wingman available now.

The skin is available right now. EA has brought back other Legendary Exclusive skins in the past, and you will have to wait. The skin was last seen in the Store in July 2019 and has not been in rotation until now. If you cannot see the skin, restart your game, and you will see it in the in-game Store. It will be featured for multiple days before it is removed. If you do not have The Victory Lap skin, which is a pre-requisite to getting the Apex Legends Extreme Measures skin, you will need to purchase the base skin separately. You can either spend crafting materials available from loot boxes or purchase the skin with Apex Coins, which costs real money. 1,800 coins cost approximately $17, and prices can vary depending on taxes and which region you are in.

Fastest Way to Save 10,500 Legend Tokens

Apex LegendsIn addition to the base skin, you will need to save up 10,500 Legend Tokens. Legends tokens cannot be purchased and are available only via playing. You get 600 Legend Tokens for each level you gain. As a new player, it might be more useful to unlock new Legends if you do not have them yet, but if you want the skin, you should save up 10,500 tokens by simply leveling up.

Wins grant the most progress when playing, and being in a squad also gives you bonus survival time XP. If you do not have friends to play with, try joining up on your random teammates by inviting them after a match. It will allow you to gain a lot more XP and earn Legend Tokens faster to unlock the Apex Legends Extreme Measures Skin.

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