Execration and Aura PH Dominated the MPL PH Season 7 Week 1 – Day 1


Execration and Work Auster Force dominated the MPL PH Season 7. The two teams will proceed to the upper bracket while the other two teams will go down the lower brackets and fight their way up. Day 1 came as a surprise to the fans as Execration dominated Omega Esports despite their Jungler KielVJ having recently injured due to an accident. Aura PH dominated the new team in the MPL scene, Work Auster Force. The first day of MPL PH Season 7 left the audience at the edge of their seats. The teams fought valiantly but there can only be two victors for the day. Here is a short summary of the first day of MPL PH Season 7.

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Execration’s KielVJ Dominated Against Omega Esports Despite Injury

Recently, Execrations KielVJ got into an accident which caused him to be rushed to a hospital. Fortunately, the injury wasn’t considered fatal which allowed him to still participate in the match. Despite his injury, he and his team were able to dominate Omega Esports with a clean sweep of 2-0.

Execration’s KielVJ Dominated Against Omega Esports Despite InjuryKielVJ ending the game all all by himself.

In their first game, Omega had the right team chemistry but Execration executed precise counter picking allowing them to keep Omega within their grasp and control the late game. The second game went sour for Omega as KielVJ carried Execration in the match with 8 kills and no deaths. Needless to say, his injury didn’t stop KielVJ from dominating the first day of the MPL PH Season 7.

Aura PH Proved they’re Unstoppable Against Work Auster Force

Aura PH couldn’t do much in the first game as Work took control of the entire match. Aura managed to defend their nexus for awhile but 3MarTzy successfully initiated a three-man knock-up with his Chou which ruined Aura’s team formation and gave way for Work to secure a win.

Aura PH Proved they're Unstoppable Against Work Auster ForceWork Auster Force desperately defending their turrets.

In the second match, Aura managed to make a counter attack and took control of the game, securing as much objectives as they can and keeping Work from pushing their turrets. Bennyqt lead the charge with his impressive Bane gameplay along with Unravel’s very annoying Diggie which definitely caught Work off guard.

In the third match Aura seems to be losing every team fight. So instead of initiating team fights, they forced their way into pushing Work’s turrets which gave them a good early game advantage despite losing in almost all team fights. In the end, Work may have the kill advantage during early game, but Aura PH controlled the game overall with their impressive rotations and split pushing. The match ended with a score of two wins for Aura and one win for Work Auster Force.

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