Dr Disrespect Says Investors Need to Be in Valorant


In one of his recent Warzone streams, Dr Disrespect was asked by one of his viewers if he intended to compete in Valorant anytime soon. Since the game’s release, Dr Disrespect and Valorant have had a love-hate relationship with each other. At launch, he said that he did not like the game much but his stance has changed over time with the popular streamer recently talking about how much he is loving the game. He recently talked about how all organizations need to invest in Valorant right now as it is one of the biggest things to happen in esports right now.

Dr Disrespect’s Take on Valorant Esports

A viewer recently asked Dr Disrespect if he wants to go pro in Valorant. The streamer responded saying “my team and I have been scrimming every night” but he made it clear that it was a joke. It does not look like the streamer has any plans of going pro in the game but he does enjoy Riot Games’ shooter a lot. He recently talked about how much he is enjoying the game and even offered to design a map.

He continued saying “But I think it is a fresh scene to get into. I mean it’s the up-and-coming competitive shooter, right? That’s already here. If I was a big investor, or an esports organization that has not tapped into Valorant yet, I don’t know what you are doing if you are not tapping into Valorant right now.”

Valorant has seen tremendous growth in recent months and the Ignition and First Strike events were very successful. Riot Games is continuing the momentum in 2021 with Valorant Champions Tour underway with not just its flagship event, but also a women’s event dubbed Game Changers. Multiple organizations made their way into the game last year and more are heading into Valorant esports this year.

Earlier this year, Dr Disrespect shared a Valorant clip recently and talked about how he loves the feeling of taking out the final member of the enemy team. He praised Valorant but also offered criticism on the game’s maps. He said that the game needs a few more fun maps and said his flip phone is open for Riot Games to reach out to him.

A developer responded to the tweet saying that they will be bringing more maps to Valorant but did not take up Doc’s offer of letting him design a map for the game. Some fans expressed their disappointment and want Riot to let Dr Disrespect create a Valorant map.

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