Neon Esports Working With PH Government Agency to Be Treated as Special Case for SG Major


Neon Esports is in talks with the Games and Amusement Board, a government agency in the Philippines, to sort out their ONE Esports Singapore Major travel issues. The travel issues have been posed by a directive by the Department of Health, Philippines, on March 16, 2021, that suspends the entry of returning non-OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) Filipinos starting March 20 until April 19, 2021. Neon Esports stated through a Twitter post that they were having no problems with entering Singapore but the team’s return to the Philippines was causing issues which is why they are now working with the Games and Amusement Board.

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Neon Esports in talks with PH government agency to remove Singapore Major travel hurdles

While mentioning that only the return to the Philippines was creating issues, the organization stated that they were in talks with the government agency to see if they can give us a special case with regards to our return.”

This tweet comes after Neon had posted on March 17, 2021, that they were in talks with T1, Fnatic and Evil Geniuses (teams with players residing in the Philippines) to find a solution to this problem.

The Department of Health, Philippines’ notice on March 16 that denied entry into the country from March 20 – April 19, 2021, created problems for the players because the Singapore Major is scheduled from March 27 – April 4.

As evident from Neon Esports’ tweet, the teams can certainly visit Singapore but can not return within the time period of the Major. This is going to cause a few issues with the Major since ONE Esports had recently confirmed that a team needs to leave for their country as soon as they get eliminated from the tournament.

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Neon Esports' achievementsNeon Esports’ qualification for the Singapore Major comes as a big breakthrough after having won several tier 2 tournaments in 2020.

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This is Neon Esports’ first-ever DPC tournament and it will be a pity if they can not make it to Singapore. Nonetheless, since three other teams are also stuck in this quandary, there is a possibility that they would be allowed to play their matches online since there are no expected ping issues. Both Singapore and the Philippines are located in SEA and can easily play on the same server.
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