NBK Talks About Aleksib, New French CS:GO Team, Valorant, Future Plans


French rifler and in-game leader Nathan “NBK-” Schmitt who was recently benched from OG’s active CS:GO lineup, spoke at length about a lot of things in an interview with 1pv.fr. The 26-year-old explained his relationship with Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen, the possibility of a new French CS:GO roster as many talented players from the region are currently available, thoughts on switching over to Valorant, and his plans for the future. NBK was last seen in action at the currently ongoing ESL Pro League Season 13 – Group Stage, playing his last match with OG against Heroic which they lost ‘1-2’.

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NBK speaks his mind about Aleksib, ISSAA, OG

In early 2020, OG had taken a decision that Aleksib would be the one who would lead the team full-time. But that decision did not pay off too well as the team continued to struggle and may have aligned the team’s vision a bit differently, as NBK about his relationship with Aleksib said that,

“There was some kind of shift in the relationship between Aleksib and him over time, because of communication problems,” adding on to this NBK expressed that, “His feedback wasn’t listened or he didn’t do it like they (OG) wanted him to do. So it basically wasn’t working between them anymore.”

About the organization’s most recent decision to bench Issa “ISSAA” Murad, NBK said that he does believe it was actually a mutual decision as it happened so fast after his departure. But despite pointing out all that went down, NBK had nothing but praise for OG.

“He understood a lot of things about the human aspect and how/what people need is important to make a team work. He learned a lot. He now understands that he has to take into consideration individualities while he’s leading or in a team in general, not the in-game.”

NBK on the possibility of new French CS:GO team

NBK expressed that he would like to play with the legendary French AWPer Kenny “kennyS” Schrub once again, along with Finnish IGL Miikka “suNny” Kemppi, and Nabil “Nivera” Benrlitom, all of whom are either free agents or benched.

But the fact that not many organizations are interested in stepping into the competitive CS:GO scene at this point in time is a massive hindrance. Other factors like expensive buyouts, bootcamp location, grinding their way to the top in the absence of any direct slots, impact the possibility of a new French CS:GO roster negatively.

NBK on switching to Valorant and future plans

Giving a very precise answer NBK said that for now, he is surely staying in CS:GO as the Valorant scene is a bit too young for his taste. He is confident that while Valorant might grow, CS:GO is not going anywhere.

“I will stay in CS. VALORANT will be interesting in some years, the scene is too young at the moment. It’s too soon. I just don’t want to move now, CS is just better and more balanced right now.”

Speaking about his future, the experienced French player said that he is currently working with a psychologist “to allow him to evolve,” and that he “doesn’t care about his buyout and all”. NBK accepts that it is something that will take time, and though he likes the idea of a new French CS:GO team, that is not the only thing he is focused on and is “open to everything”.

Apart from this NBK spoke at length about a lot of other things around his former team and what he is currently up to. The original interview was completely in French and the quotes used above are the English translations as given by CS:GO reporter ‘neL’. It will be interesting to see if any attempts are made for a new French lineup to come together.

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