Mobile Legends Upcoming Events: Brewing Storm, April Collector, 515 Party Event Revealed


The Mobile Legends’ upcoming events have been leaked by data miners from the game’s advanced server. After the Nostalgia event, Moonton has been brewing up more events for players that reward more in-game loots. The upcoming events will be giving away free skins for players or tickets for draw events like the Angela collector skin event and Vale Hero Squad draw event. These events are expected to be released in the next few months. However, the exact release date is yet to be announced for these upcoming events. Here are more details regarding the upcoming events coming to Mobile Legends.

The Brewing Storm Draw Event

This event features the Vale Hero Squad Skin. Like other hero squad skins released, this draw event will give away one free draw for players. Players can also complete tasks to acquire more free tickets in the event.

The event is expected to come in a few weeks following the official launch of the skin.

April Collector Draw Event

This draw event feature’s the upcoming Angela skin “Floral Elf.” Recently, the devs gave out 400 collector tickets as compensation for the previous Gusion Collector Event issue. You can use those tickets in this event and acquire this collector skin.

Mobile Legends Upcoming Events: April Collector Event RevealedThe April Collector Event is for Angela | Credits: Anything 4 you YouTube

515 Party Event

The highly anticipated Mobile Legends event is coming very soon. The release date for the 515 Party Event is yet to be announced. However, it is expected to be released sometime in May 2021, along with the S.T.U.N. skin line. In the meantime, the Souvenir Bank event is already available in the game. Collect tokens to exchange for big rewards when the 515 Party event is released.

Mobile Legends Upcoming Events: 515 Party Event RevealedPlayers can acquire tokens as early as now. | Credits: Anything 4 you YouTube

If players have participated in last year’s 515 Party event, they can soon open up their time capsules after one year of waiting. The content of the Time Capsule is still a mystery.

Invite Inactive MLBB Players Event

The event tasks players to invite their inactive MLBB friends back into the game and be rewarded with free skins. Each player can invite up to 9 inactive players and be rewarded with a free normal tier skin.

Mobile Legends Upcoming Events RevealedPlayers can invite up to 9 inactive friends. | Credits: Anything 4 you YouTube

The release dates for the upcoming events in Mobile Legends are yet to be announced. However, players can look forward to a lot of exciting new content for Mobile Legends in the next few months.

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