How to Update Mobile Legends: Automatically or Manually


Mobile Legends should always be updated to avoid having frequent problems with the game. Although ML allows players to continue playing for a few days without updating the game, sooner or later, players will be forced to update their game in order to start a match. This ensures players get the latest bug fixes to prevent in-game problems from occurring, along with exciting new content for ML. Updating Mobile Legends is pretty straightforward and usually takes less than an hour to do it, depending on your network connection. This guide will help you how to update Mobile Legends.

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How to Update Mobile Legends Automatically

Mobile Legends has a feature that allows it to download in-game updates while you are playing the game. However, during major updates, the game will need to restart in order to add the new content to the game.

Here is how you can turn on Auto Update in Mobile Legends;

  1. Tap on the Settings option in the main lobby.
  2. On the Basic tab, tap on the Update Settings.
  3. Choose between “Update only in Wifi” which allows it only to update when connected to wifi, or “Update in any network,” where it will download regardless of the network connection.
  4. Tap on confirm, and the game will automatically update itself when there are new patch updates.
How to Update Mobile LegendsYou can choose between two auto update options.

How to Update Mobile Legends Manually

Despite the feature that allows ML to automatically download updates while you play the game, you may sometimes experience problems that will not let the game automatically download updates for it. So players will have to do it manually.

The size of these patches ranges from 100KB bug fixes to 500MB of large-scale changes. You can check the file size while the game is updating.

How to Update Mobile LegendsThe update size is located below the app name.

To update Mobile Legends manually using the Play Store for Android Devices or the Apps Store for iOS Devices you can follow these steps. Make sure you have at least 500MB of free space to ensure the update is not interrupted.

For Android Users:

  1. Open your Play Store app and search for Mobile Legends.
  2. After searching for the app, tap on update and let it download.
  3. After the update is finished downloading, open the game and let it finalize the update.

For iOS Users:

  1. Open the App Store
  2. Tap on the Updates Tab to access all apps that need an update.
  3. Once you find the ML app in the list, tap on it and start updating the game.
  4. After downloading the updates, open the app and let it finalize the update.

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Why You Need to Update Mobile Legends

Knowing how to update Mobile Legends and keeping the game updated is crucial in so many ways. Updating the game allows you to gain access to new content and events in the game. Some updates also come with bug fixes. Without this update, you will continue to experience bugs that can ruin your game experience. Players who don’t update their game might also encounter problems when playing with players who have the latest patch update.

Make sure your ML app is updated with the latest patch to prevent problems when playing the game and have all the game’s features for players.

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