Dota 2 Themed Chess Set Sells For $410 USD


A Dota 2 themed Chess set has been sold for nearly $410 USD on the e-commerce website Etsy. Created by Reddit user u/MrCD802, the collection has intricate pieces of Dota 2 characters in place of the usual Chess figures. All the pieces have been designed by hand using virtual reality over the course of four months. Only four sets were created by the user and each was sold out quickly on Etsy. Creator u/MrCD802 has since communicated that he intends to work on another version in the near future and will continue to post updates regarding it.

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Fan creates Dota 2 themed Chess Set

The creator of the set had been posting frequent updates about the set’s development on Reddit. He shared the finished chess set on March 15, 2021. Four of these chess sets, containing the pieces and a presentation box but not the chessboard, were then listed on Etsy and were quickly sold for nearly $410.

The White and Black pieces in the Chess Set represent characters from the Radiant and the Dire factions, respectively. All these pieces have been 3D printed in a photopolymer resin.

  • Kings – Zeus / Wraith King
  • Queens – Crystal Maiden / Queen of Pain
  • Bishops – Silencer / Necrophos
  • Knights – Sven / Underlord
  • Rooks – Towers
  • Pawns – Creeps

While the initial bundle was sold out rapidly, the user informed that he would be working on version 2 of the Dota 2 themed chess set.

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