Beatrix Mobile Legends: Release Date, Price, Skills


Beatrix, the new Mobile Legends hero, will be making her way into the game soon after spending much of her time in the ML advanced servers. The hero is a marksman with a vast arsenal of weapons that changes her playstyle based on the weapon she uses. Beatrix will also be released along with a new Battle Royale-MOBA game mode called Lethal Nexus, which promises tons of free ML items to Mobile Legends players. Here are more details about Beatrix and what we can expect from Mobile Legends’ newest marksman.

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Beatrix Release Date and Price

If the leaks are to be believed, Beatrix will be released in Mobile Legends on March 19, 2021. The hero was first spotted in the advanced servers way back in January 2021, wielding four powerful guns. Since then, ML has teased the hero multiple times before finally announcing its release date.

The cost of unlocking Beatrix through the hero shop is 32,000 BP or 599 diamonds. An X-Factor skin priced at 269 Diamonds will also be available for purchase in the ML shop.

Who is Beatrix in Mobile Legends

According to the lore of Mobile Legends, Beatrix came from a wealthy family of merchants. She spent her life learning and inventing tons of technological wonders.

In the game, she is a marksman that can wield four different types of weapons. Each weapon changes her skills and basic attacks, making her very flexible in every match and adjustable to any kind of situation.

Beatrix Mobile Legends: Release Date, Price, Skills Beatrix’s default and normal tier skin.

Mobile Legends Beatrix Skills

Beatrix is a very versatile marksman. She can adjust her arsenal depending on the situation, which makes her very good in almost any game and any team composition. Her four types of weapons, Renner, Bennett, Wesker, and Nibiru, offer different effects and skills for Beatrix. However, Beatrix can’t crit but converts her crit rate into a bonus physical damage.

Passive: Mechanical Genius

Renner – Fires a powerful basic attack on an enemy dealing massive attack damage. This attack can be dodged or blocked by other heroes.

Bennett – Carpet bombs a selected area dealing AoE damage and slowing them for 30% for 0.5 seconds.

Wesker – Fires five pellets in a fan shape at an enemy dealing damage. Enemies hit by multiple pellets receive 50% reduced damage.

Nibiru – Fire a volley of four shots rapidly at a target. This shop prioritizes heroes within range.

1st Skill: Masterful Gunner

Passive Effect: Beatrix can carry two weapons at once.

Active Effect: Beatrix swaps her primary weapon to the secondary weapon and changes her skills depending on the weapon she wields.

2nd Skill: Tactical Reposition

Beatrix leaps forward and fully reloads her current weapon. Beatrix changes her skill animation depending on her active weapon.

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Ultimate Skill:

Renner’s Apathy – Beatrix wields Renner, aiming at the enemy. When releasing the skill, she deals massive damage to the enemy hit. This skill gains 50% physical lifesteal but is not affected by the spell vamp effect.

Bennett’s Rage – Bennett rains down a bombardment in a set area 5 times. Each bombardment slows the target by 30% and deals physical damage to enemies hit (the damage decays to 15% when hitting the same target multiple times), lasting 1 second. This skill gains 25% physical lifesteal but is not affected by the spell vamp effect.

Wesker’s Elation – Fires off an array of bullets that deal physical damage to each enemy hit (the damage of successive hits on the same enemy decays by 25%). This skill gains 50% physical lifesteal but is not affected by the spell vamp effect.

Nibiru’s Passion – Fires a 6-shot volley from Nibiru, inflicting Physical Damage to each hit. This skill gets 25% Physical Lifesteal, but is not affected by Spell Vamp.

Special Skill: Need Backup

If Beatrix is not under combat for the last 3 seconds, she can summon her butler Morgan and provide her with a weapons crate. She can choose two weapons to serve as her primary and secondary weapon. Beatrix’s first choice will become her primary weapon, while her second choice will become her secondary weapon.

This skill is interrupted when she performs any other actions or takes damage.

Considering how flexible Beatrix is as a marksman, she might change Mobile Legends’ meta once she is released in the game. If you enjoy playing as the team’s marksman, you will likely enjoy playing as Beatrix.

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