[Watch] Hilarious AWP Clash Between AcoR and Broky at ESL Pro League S13


Frederik “acoR” Gyldstrand and Helvijs “broky” Saukants tried to showcase their brilliant AWPing skills against each other yesterday at ESL Pro League Season 13, but the tense moment turned out to be a hilarious clip that has now gone viral within the CS:GO community. Mousesports was down by a map against FaZe Clan and had to win on Inferno to take the match down to a decider, both the teams were exchanging rounds when this hysterical moment transpired. Broky and acoR at point black range tried to take down each other with their respective AWPs, and the whole spectacle was just weirdly funny to witness at such a high level.

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AcoR-Broky engage in hilarious AWP battle

It is not often that we witness a play so weird that it makes us question, are we even watching professional CS:GO. Well, this was exactly what went through a mind of a lot of viewers when they witnessed acoR and broky trying to secure a no-scope each other at point-blank range on Inferno.

Mousesports had equalized the score with FaZe Clan at ‘5-5’ when this hilarious moment occurred. Both acoR and ropz had managed to make their way into the ‘B Site’ unaware that broky armed with an AWP was hiding behind a smoke near ‘Construction’. While Broky was staring at the smoke waiting for it to clear, acoR managed to pass him through the same smoke staring towards construction.

Broky randomly turned around but took some time to register that acoR stood in front of him, and a few moments later even acoR turned around to face him. Both the players tried to take each other down with a quick no scope kill but failed to do so. However, Broky on the second attempt got the better of him, before being taken down by ropz.

From the clip above one can instantly notice why the clip was so funny and the reason it is currently being shared across social media within the CS:GO community. Mousesports failed to come back into the match and lost the series ‘2-0’ to currently stand at the bottom of the points table, while FaZe register their first win to stand fourth.

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It is still not all over for mousesports, who have 3 matches left to be played out in the next few days. But the players really need to pull up their socks because their current level of performance will not be enough to pull off the comeback.

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