Free Fire Holi Event: Webseries, Punkster Runner Bundle, Awakening Shard


The Free Fire Holi Event has been announced. Starting today until March 28, 2021, players from India are invited to join the adventure to save Holi and defeat the Demoness, who has stolen all the colors and bring back life to Free Fire. Along with the in-game event, a three-part web series will also be published, showcasing how people can forge friendships in Free Fire and unleash their true colors, as well as a new music video. With Holi just around the corner, everyone can look forward to exciting new events themed around the Indian festival. Here are more details about the Free Fire Holi Event.

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Free Fire Holi Event Details

Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival, also known as the “Festival of Colors.” The festival signifies the triumph of good over evil. With the festival just around the corner, players can look forward to celebrating it in Free Fire. However, these plans are ruined as the Demoness invades Free Fire and takes colors away.

Free Fire Holi Event

With that said, Kelly, Hayato, and Misha are reaching out to the players, asking for their help in hunting down the Demoness and save the festival from being ruined.

Survivors will be tasked to complete two stages;

Stage 1: Fight for Your Colors

From March 15 to 29, players will be tasked to hunt for the Demoness’ hideout. They will need to choose where they would like to explore and locate the Demoness to release the stolen colors. Keep in mind that this is a team effort. Every player needs to do their part to save the day.

Defeating the Demoness rewards players with the following;

  • Punkster Runner Bundle
  • Custom Room Card
  • Character Level 8 Card
  • Awakening Shard

When the Demoness has been defeated, colors will then be released across the map. Players will need to collect these colors and exchange them for more rewards.

Stage 2: Find your true color and restore the colors to Free Fire.

When stage two commences, players will need to undergo a personality test. Players will have to answer simple questions to reveal their true colors. This color will represent them for the final color collection.

Players are then tasked with collecting colors after each match. Players can trade duplicated colors with friends. After gathering a full set of 10 colors, players will be rewarded a One-Finger-Push-Up emote and the Cyber Bunnies Skyboard.

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A 3 Part Web Series

To make things more interesting for Indian fans. Free Fire will also be releasing a three-part web series that tells the story of how people can meet by chance in the game, forge friendships, play together, and unleash their true colors. The first episode will be published on March 16, 2021.

Players can also look forward to a brand new music video featuring iconic Free Fire celebrities. The music video will kick off on March 28, 2021.

The Holi Event is Garena’s efforts to value India’s traditions and at the same time entertain and engage with the Free Fire Indian Community. Players can expect more exciting new content from Garena for years to come.