All CS:GO Map Callouts 2021 – Dust 2, Mirage, Vertigo, Nuke, and More


CS:GO Map Callouts are nothing but a specific name given to a particular spot on a map. Most of the callouts are common throughout the world, with there being a few exceptions due to the game’s changing nature. All the callouts are globally accepted by the CS:GO community which is very important, as it allows the passage of information in an effective and efficient manner. Broadcast talents associated with the title also use these callouts while casting or talking about the game, so that the viewer is always well informed. This makes it very important for a beginner to know the name of every location on a CS:GO map, especially those that are a part of the ‘Active Duty Map Pool’.

We have compiled a detailed guide of all callous for every CS:GO map that you are likely to play during competitive matchmaking like Dust 2, Mirage, Inferno, Nuke, Overpass, Vertigo, and Train. This guide is up to date with the latest callouts making them practical for new players, those who are returning after some time, and regular players who might still be using the old lingo.

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CS:GO Map Callouts: 2021 Edition – Complete Overview

This guide is listing all the latest CS:GO Map Callouts that are currently being followed by the majority of the player base. We will be covering all the maps that are a part of the ‘Active Duty Map Pool’, with an aim to help players know what every position is commonly referred to as globally, so let’s get started.

Dust 2

One of the oldest Counter-Strike maps, Dust 2 has undergone a considerable amount of change since its 1.6 days. Over time many positions on the map have changed and some of them are now referred to by a different name. Here are all the important map callouts for Dust 2 which will drastically help you understand the game better if you are a beginner.


One of the most played competitive maps, Mirage is the stronghold of the casual userbase who absolutely love to play on the map. It is one of the most picked maps on official Valve competitive matchmaking, which makes it all the more important to know all the callouts for Mirage.

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Inferno is an exciting CS:GO map and every player will definitely know the spot ‘Banana’, but it is much more than just that. Inferno is quite intricate, where good timing and successful fakes are the keys to success, but it can all go down south pretty fast if you do not know all the callouts for Inferno.


This is the only CS:GO map where both the sites are stacked vertically one below the other. The verticality aspect associated with it makes Nuke the most unique map in the game, both in its design and gameplay. Learning callouts for Nuke is quite important as the flow of information is more crucial on this map than any other.

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Overpass is infamous for some of the most bizarre bugs and glitches, while also being infested by many double-triple player boosts. However, the map makes for some really tactical T-sided gameplay due to the short rotations that the CT-side has been blessed with. Here are all the callouts for Overpass.


Train is yet another tactical map where T-side has multiple entry points and usually play extremely fast or a slow drawn-out battle. The map environment is based in a train shed which can be visually confusing, making it important to know all the callouts for Train.

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The rooftop CS:GO map, Vertigo is an interesting map that used to be hated by the community upon its addition to the ‘Active Duty Map Pool’. Though it is still not picked a lot by the casual userbase, it has managed to redeem a part of its reputation on the back of some good changes. Here are all the callouts for Vertigo.

These are all the CS:GO Map Callouts that will surely make you a better player and improve your gameplay, as you communicate better with your teammates and pass on accurate information. Giving a precise callout will always help your team, especially in clutch situations and the best part is, no matter what language they speak the names of map locations are globally common.

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