Mobile Legends Skins: 7 Upcoming Cosmetics Leaked


The Mobile Legends’ upcoming skins have been leaked by data miners. The leaked ML skins range from normal tier skins to the rare collector skins that would rarely return after they disappear from the shop or event. The leaks showcase some interesting ML skins in the pipeline for heroes like Angela, Vale, Chang, Kagura, Barats, Beatrix, Saber, and Granger. Currently, these are the Mobile Legends skins that are expected to be released on the original server of Moonton’s MOBA over the next few months.

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Mobile Legends Upcoming Skins Leaked

There are a total of eight ML skins are expected to arrive within the next few months. These skins range from the normal tier to the rare collector tier skins. The Mobile Legends skins offer a lot of cool-looking visual effects the higher they are to the tier. This makes them visually appealing and at the same time quite intimidating for enemies.

Here are the upcoming ML skins that are expected to arrive in Mobile Legends soon;

Angela – Floral Elf

This skin turns Angela into a flower fairy which shows a magical theme to it. The skin is supposed to arrive as a collector skin in April 2021.

Vale – Blizzard Storm

This skin is part of the Hero Squad skin line. It is the third superhero skin to be released in the game and is expected to arrive on March 16, 2021.

Chang’s Vine Cradle

The skin references the Easter season with its cute design and the abundance of easter eggs. This skin is rumored to be released in April 2021.

Kagura – Rainy Walk

Kagura wears casual attire with a cute duck umbrella. The skin is considered a Starlight skin and is expected to arrive sometime in April 2021.

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Barats – Toy Rex

The skin is a reimagining of Barats if they were a toy action figure. The release date is still a mystery.

Beatrix – X Factor

This skin will be released along with the new ML hero Beatrix. The normal tier skin costs 269 diamonds.

Saber – Silver Edge

This skin will be a first-purchase skin and will be available when Season 20 arrives.

Granger – Starfall Knight

This legend-tier skin is still a work in progress. The skin is expected to arrive as a time-limited skin for a draw event.

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